F10 M5: 30 Minutes of Video

You want to watch the new F10 M5 test mule roam the snowy Alps? Great we ‘ve got that, 30 minutes of that in fact. So find a comfortable seat, sit back and enjoy.

(Source: BMW via Worldcarfans)

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  • Adam

    There we go, I was hoping they would release this. The teaser vids are great but the music does drown out some of the cars natural music. What I really like is that BMW has made it sound rather lively, even when compaired with say Audi, Merc, and even Mclaren turbo V8’s. Sure its not the mechanical opera that the V10 was but I’d rather listen to this than no M5 at all.

  • Marco

    It is not essentially important but the video was shot in the Alps – not in Sweden. This is metnioned in the info-table at the beginning.