According to 1Addicts and BMW insider Scott26, Autobilde has leaked the 2012 F20 1 Series. At this point we know nothing more than what we see above. Is this real? While it ‘s relatively low quality and highly processed it does look eerily similar to BMW “s launch photography for other recent models. It also looks spot-on based on our knowledge of the car. However we have no confirmation of what this really is.

That said lets talk about what we see above since it is essentially the next generation 1 Series. What we see above is clearly more aggressive looking that the previous 1er. As we mentioned last month, it ‘s also grown a little in every direction. The headlights have been refined in shape and show more size variation than we ‘ve seen with the outer headlights being noticeably larger than the inner lights. Speaking of lights, this is the first time we ‘ve seen side marker lights integrated into the mirrors on a BMW. Look for more of that with the new EU regulations coming into affect.

We ‘ll have much more on the F20 in the days ahead.