Dr. Kay Segler Leaves BMW M for MINI

In a surprise move Dr. Segler is making the move back to MINI effective May 1 of this year. In his place will be Dr. Friedrich Nitschke who has held various management positions within BMW since joining the company in 1978 (including being a major player at MINI within development).

Segler has been with the company since 1988, mainly in management functions within the Sales and Marketing division, both in Germany and abroad. He previously managed the MINI brand between 2004 and 2008. He is now set to continue the brand’s successful growth story.

What this mean for BMW M and MINI we don ‘t quite know yet. But clearly BMW brass thought Dr. Segler ‘s talents were needed back at the helm of the brand he helped established.

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  • Dylan Bland

    Nice one guys 😛

  • Adam

    Odd, this comes the same day as the other releases. Well I guess he did leave us a parting gift, the 1M. Everyone has different talents, lets see what this new guy has to offer.

    So does this mean I can finally get that jacket of his?