World Premier: BMW Concept M5


The new M5 is here. Yes it ‘s officially a concept but the only difference between production and what you see here is the number of layers of paint and the color of the wheels. What you are looking at is the next M5. Packed with a 560 hp twin turbo V8 and a magical differential, the new M5 is set to reach a new levels of performance. (gallery after the break)

[nggallery id=69]

We ‘ll have much much more on the new M5 throughout the day. However to start the morning off we present the 17 official photos BMW deems worthy to launch the car with.

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  • JonPD

    Pretty well impressed with the design to say the least, can’t wait to see if they produce a M5 Touring again so I can salivate more lol.

  • Mitsuwrx808

    will there be those special M-side mirrors brackets like those seen on the M1 and M3 models?

    • Adam

      The E60 M5 concept also had the regular mirrors. Google some recent spy shots and you will get a good look at the production mirrors. We’ll see the finished product later this year. Bear I mind this is only a concept which in BMW speak means its only missing minor details.

      • Mitsuwrx808

        kool…thanks Adam!

  • Ready, get set, drool. Love it

  • goat

    Overall I like it. My favourite part is the “magical” rear differential. Hope this becomes not just an M-car standard but used for other high-powered/sporting BMW models as well. Call it “advanced RWD” or something like that to counter all the pro-AWD messaging from Audi quattro and, spoken more subtly, from Mercedes 4Matic. (At very least, offer an LSD as a BMWPerformance upgrade part.)

    My least favourite part is the chrome fender vent – offering this in black chrome is the right thing to do. 🙂