BMW\’s New Engine Range Animated

It ‘s clearly a bit of a marketing exercise but this video gives us a glimpse at what BMW has in-store for us with it ‘s new engine range. But first a couple of key stats. A single engine architecture will serve as the basis of the new family of engines that will include three, four and six cylinder configurations. Furthermore this common design allows for 60% of parts to be shared across the range which in-turn allows for more time spent engineering the parts of lower cost (because of greater quantity).

But more importantly this will allow for smaller, lighter engines to produce the same if not more power than current larger powerplants (all with greater efficiency). This means in some cases cars currently with eight cylinders will get six, six will get four and four will get three. None of this should come as a surprise as we ‘ve been reporting it here and on MotoringFile for a few years. But seeing the video demonstrating the engines is still somewhat of an a ha moment.

And yes this all means BMW will be keeping it ‘s inline engine philosophy intact for the foreseeable future.

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  • I have said it before and I will say it again. I am very excited to see the new turbo 4 lineup.

  • HERR26

    Ah but did you see the “Money Shot”? It Begins at 1:23. And is basically the first visual confirmation of BMW’s strategy to introduce Front Wheel Drive to it’s portfolio. – 60 degrees , mounted tranversely.

    This gives the biggest indication that the Front Wheel Drive BMW is imminent.

    • Les

      Yes. If there was ever any doubt about a FWD drive BMW or a 3 cylinder engine, all the doubt just went away. The only problem I see with creating parts that work across the entire line is that if something goes wrong with a part, it goes wrong on every car. Yes, BMW can save money, but it would appear that they are putting all their chickens in one basket.

      • Anonymous

        I think for a company that has been designing and building engines of a very high quality for many many years, I think this is a reasonable and manageable risk for them to take. Its nothing that can’t be overcome by competence.

  • sackboy

    Absolutely a MUST for all auto companies, and not just BMW ! We must raise efficiency! I say- BMW will do it BEST ! I love their engines, and believe they will cont. to make the best in our NEW era! I say theirs will be the most FUN to drive, while still being efficient! Like my08 M3 ! sackboy

  • Joe

    What are the cars at 1:47, perhaps Mini and i3?

  • Buckeye

    off topic, but I found this in wikipedia. Updated April 9th.

    “BMW was originally going to release the E82 1M Coupe as a limited edition model of approximately 2700 units. Due to positive response, the company lifted the cap and will produce as many E82 1M Coupes as they can until production ends in Spring of 2012.”

    possibly true?

    • HERR26

      Everything regarding the 1M is coming close to a decision because we are moving to two factors at the Leipzig work which are the change of production to the F20 , We are about to begin preliminary production on the F20 and ever increasing demand for the X1 Sport Activity Vehicle takes priority.

      With the 1M we are looking at trying to build as much cars as possible within the timeframe but with the 1er Cabrio still in production through the summer of 2012 So there is a prototype that exists for a run-out Cabrio. But I warn you that there could be the possibility of an X1M given the success of the X1. The onus on the word “Could”. mind you.

      The 1M Moto GP Car actually retains the genesis of the Personalisation idea and we will be making a decision on the feasibility of offering such accessories via BMW M Performance, the excitment is of course that , although the 1M will be short in life the car will still exist. Which allows the customer the priority to take their 1M to the extreme , without BMW M worrying about the 1M outclassing the M3.

      We will know more by May when the new management take their positions.

      But on the engine topic , thie Four cylinder engine will be used for the basis of the next 1M.

      • JonPD

        In more than a few ways while I am a huge fan of the 1M I have gotten the feeling all the way along that some of the time spent designing the car was to make sure it does not show up the M3. Matter of fact I thought likely this was the largest considerations with the basically stock motor used. From the Ring times I don’t think it would take a huge leap in power to outclass the M3.

  • Adam

    I could be upset at the loss of big engines or excited for the future of smaller, lighter, more powerful and yet more efficient engines. I am both, but progress is how technology and companies survive and I’d rather have engines in cars hear the woosh or a turbo or the slightly muted tune of a turbo 6 rather than the hum of batteries.

    I think BMW will prove internal combustion has a lifetime to go.

  • Margaritaville2006

    Uhhh……did anyone notice the 4 and 3 cylinder engines were mounted TRANSVERSELY in the engine bays? To me, that wreaks of FRONT WHEEL DRIVE……Hmmmmmmmm

  • Fantastic video. Loved seeing the robot lob off a few cylinders here and there! Also cool to see the different positioning of the different sized engines in the engine bay. BMW is doing some cool social media atm _b