Designer\’s Perspective: The E89 Z4

“It has to speak the language of people. Not the language of product. ” – Exterior Designer Juiane Blasi

That quote is why we love the latest Z4 here at BF. In our minds it ‘s on par with the BMW ‘s best roadsters over the years (including the 507 and Z8). And one of our favorite parts? It ‘s BMW ‘s first car design led by women inside and out. In this video we get a chance to see exterior designer Juliane Blasi describing the ideas behind what we see in the E89 Z4. We also get a behind the scenes look at some of the actual work that went into the final product.

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  • Oldnews

    This video is very old.

  • Oldnews

    This video is very old.

    • Sorry to offend you but we at BF tend to not just dwell on the latest or future models but everything from vintage to current BMWs as well. It’s especially the case when we get requests such as this one.

    • Anonymous

      true that it is old but come Monday the Z4 will be the center of attention and usher in a new period for BMW in North America.

      • JonPD

        Add 4 more cylinders to Mondays news and I would really be waiting for Monday.

        I for one Gabe enjoy the mix of new and old.

  • goat

    I enjoyed this video as well.

    Would be great to see any similar material featuring BMW’s interior designers. Interior design is an area where BMW has received a fair bit of criticism from the press, and owners, compared with their competition from Audi and now most recently even Mercedes-Benz. But there is a reason for why BMW interiors look the way they do and it would be great to get an insider’s perspective on the design?