Car & Driver Video: 1M vs TT RS vs G37 IPL

Here ‘s the video version of the test we told you about a few weeks back. Results are the same: the 1M takes the win.

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  • ErikS

    RS what?

  • goat

    Nice to see the video that accompanied the C&D feature story. The Audi TTRS is the “video game car”, the BMW is a bona fide driver’s machine (that darty steering ratio is amazing!), and, frankly, I have no idea why the Infiniti is even in this comparison. Very cool.

    • Jon

      Agreed, the Infinity seems out of place here. As cool as that TT looks and sounds, I’d have to agree with the review, in that it wants to go fast, but not really involve the driver all that much. That is a huge demerit in my book. Save the manuals!

      Of the three cars, I’d get the BMW.

  • JonPD

    Do have to say a much better sound from the motor on the Infiniti and exhaust note on the RS. A lot what we knew already about the superb handling of the 1M. Still get the feeling that the motor is the weak part of this car sorry to say. Its on the edge of greatness without actually running away with my heart in every way. Still love it but always a bit sad they left it plainly short of where I wanted it.

    • Adam

      I own a G35 Coupe with essentially the same motor. I can tell you that from idle to maybe 4000 rpm there’s a deep, low, rumble from the engine and it burbles nicely but any higher rpm and the noise shrinks into an asthmatic whine like any pedestrian V6 out there. At some point the turbo 6 of the 1M just creates a mechanical symphony that my V6 (the IPL’s) just dosnt. Hate to say it but it’s true. Same for the Nissan GTR for that matter.

      • Zipperangle

        I’ve owned both the G35 & G37. The G37 has a more aggressive sound at high RPMs than the G35. The two motors are a lot more different than one might think…

        In view of the foregoing, the G37 is not in the same class/ league (performancewise) as the other cars so I too wonder why it’s in the comparison.

    • Primo135