Brilliance Builds A 530

Brilliance Automotive, BMW ‘s Chinese partner has recently unveiled an all new mid-sized car but its name is not so new- the 530. The Brilliance 530 will debut in 2012 and will feature a four cylinder with a minuscule 136hp output- not competition for a real 530i. We find this idea utterly amusing, BMW ‘s own partner is now using the German ‘s naming convention…

BMW and Brilliance also recently unveiled a plugin hybrid 5 Series designed for the expansive Chinese market.


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  • Adam

    Wow a Chinese knock-off? this is shocking, never in a million years would I have thought!

    Ok I’m done lol but in all seriousness this happened years ago with BMW’s old X5 and Mercedes’ ML. Plainly they dont care, and to be honest Chinese companies dont need to abide by any copy right laws. Makes me wonder how much more world wide, companies will tolerate this kind of thing. Sure China = big sales but at the cost of ripping off tech and design, I dont know thats worth while.

  • KW

    @Adam– exactly! Having worked in China and with Chinese companies the past five years, you are correct.

    Their entire morality and value system is different than ours in the USA. Cheating, lying, and stealing are part of their DNA. I’ve seen it first hand with products that were “co-developed” suddenly being manufactured by another, fully-nationalized company.

    Hopefully the Germans are smarter, or at least feed their local suppliers lies to throw them off now and again.

    • Adam

      My father is an engineer for a major mobile electronics maker (wont mention which one) and on business to China this is what he has told me. I figured though that companies would protect themselves a bit from this sort of abuse, but again in the end $ speak louder than copy rights. Now if we see a crappy little eco-box badged as an M6 or somthing of that sort I imagine BMW would go crazy.

      I would laugh if BMW did what you said they might do, and give the Chinese all garbage to work with so even if somthing materializes it is just that… crap. Oh well, I guess you dont become the largest capitolist economy in the world over night just by being fair and moral.

  • A Chinese partner making a knock-off of their partner’s product? The only question is whether BMW approves, knows, or cares.

  • Anonymous

    Certainly nothing new, the Chinese have been making automotive knockoffs (among other things) for years. GM and German Luxury cars seem to be pretty popular. That old X5 knock off (2007 Shuanghuan Auto “Ceo”) was so close to the original that it even made it into the BMW club magazine (Roundel) without the editorial (or other readers) knowing the difference. BMW did manage to get the Shuanghuan “Ceo” banned from Germany, but not from the rest of the planet