BMW X1 Delayed in the US until Late 2012

2010 BMW X1

Automotive News is reporting what many of us had expected. Due to surprising demand in more profitable markets BMW is delaying the launch of the X1 in the US until late 2012. While BMW is keen to talk about the success of the X3 and that the X1 would simply be a niche vehicle, we can ‘t help but think if the X1 was built at a more exchange-rate friendly plant, there would be a very different decision. With gas prices high and the US public clamoring for more fuel efficient cross-overs, it would seem the time for the X1 is now.

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  • Les

    When the X1 does come to the US what engines will be available for it?

    • It’ll launch with the new 2.0L four cylinder as a X128i.

      • Robin

        The X1 has already launched in Canada with the 2.0L Turbo 4 as the sole engine for now. It is a rare event for BMW to launch a new model into Canada before the US, and it looks like we are 1.5 years ahead of the States this time!

  • Dan

    Might as well wait for the LCI now…

  • Anonymous

    The irony of this isn’t lost on you, is it? I have an X1 sport package, it’s called a 2008 e91 (wagon). Same basic chassis, just without the SUV look. But, look is everything, right? It’s a nice chassis – I can’t blame BMW for letting the rest of the world appreciate what they have created.

  • RKCA

    so will this also delay any plans of launching 4cylinder tt diesel engine for the x3 as well? I would assume like the 335d/x5d bmw would have used the smaller diesel engine for x3/x1.

  • Dede

    They won’t bring the 1-series hatch to the US, they won’t bring the X1 until late next year (if ever). Guess if I need a small 5-door BMW I will buy an Audi. Too bad. For a company that seems to be able to pursue niche vehicles well in this coutry (X6 and 5 GT) they sure seem to ready to sacrifice more volume vehicles that consumers want. Way to concede the market to competitors. Good job BMW

    • Drflegel

      Dede, you could consider a Mini Countryman. A lot cheaper than an Audi and fun to drive.

  • Millerformula1

    I guess it costs them less to assemble the X3 in the US than it would be to import the X1 from Germany. Since the euro/dollar exchange rate probably won’t change for the forseeable future, forget the X1. The X3 is scheduled to get the new 4 cyl turbo this fall and that should keep sales strong, especialy if the fuel milage improves near the 20% projected.