M5 Going All Wheel Drive?


With all the noise today on AWD M cars on the interwebs today, we thought it was worth mentioning our position again. As we ‘ve already said once this spring, nothing is set in stone. While M is working on new AWD technologies, we don ‘t expect anything in the near future outside of any new SAV based M car.

You can read our original AWD M report from last month here.

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  • Adam

    Sorry for a long comment here but I dont know why AutoCar, or whoever they spoke to said this. Not only from Bimmerfile but other sources including Dr. Segler and Matt Russel both said basically the same thing, not only is there not a strong demand for AWD in the saloon M cars but especially for this M5 the added weight and complexity would be unacceptable and add quite a bit of cost in development. Scott26(Herr26) pretty much said the same thing, illuding to the fact that “AWD suprises meant SAV’s or possible SAV’s.

    I could see a prototype system being developed and tested but I just couldnt see it being used anytime in the next few years. Further than that, people have been bitching all afternoon since AutoCar broke this story, and frankly I’m not so sure that AWD would do much more negative than add some weight. If anyone can make a light, responsive, grippy AWD set up on a saloon car BMW is the one.

    I live in Chicago (the snow belt) and this year has been the coldest and wettest winter/spring since I believe 1978, and in my G35 (the worst wet weather vehicle created by man) I stutter away from every light, slide thru every turn, beach myself on puddles and inches of snow or on even a slight incline, and to be honest I still wouldnt have AWD but for it to be offered is a bit smart of any car company.