Live from the US 1M Launch


I just finished my first stint behind the wheel on backroads or upstate New York. I won ‘t give too much away before the official BF review other than to say the 1M is the real deal on the twisties.

We ‘re heading to the Monticello Motor Club for some track time and a bit of tech talk about the car and what went into creating it. Look for more photos via BimmerFile ‘s twitter account throughout the day.



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  • mnicpt


  • Wskunz

    Looks just like mine, picked it up yesterday afternoon.

    Just awesome 🙂

  • goat

    Very nice… the white is my favourite I think as I see “real world” photos coming in here and on the forums. Congrats to all the lucky 1M owners! And REALLY looking forward to the official BF road test review!