BMW Performance Comparison

During BMW ‘s recent after-sales convention in Las Vegas BMW NA set-up a small track to show off the benefits of the Performance Parts. Needless the difference was obvious on the track.

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  • Adam

    Cool. I like that BMW offers these parts for there vehicles, but in some areas other tuners tend to extract more from certain parts, suspension, exhaust, ecu, but then again BMW parts can be added with out voiding the warrantee so I guess there’s advantages and disadvantages to each. The parts they have for the M3 however are very good and more desirable than some aftermarket pieces.

  • goat

    Very cool and the impressions match my own… I have BMWPerf suspension fitted to my LCI 335i (6MT) and it is MUCH more composed in the corners or on backroads yet the ride quality has remained quite civilized (even on the dreaded runflats – which will be replaced with non-run flat summer performance tires next season). I dropped into the local dealer the other day and one of the salespeople asked to drive it so he could compare it to stock ZSP – he came back with a huge smile on his face saying it was immediately noticeable and he greatly preferred throwing the car around yet it still was smooth and comfortable over bumps – he would be recommending it to his “driving-oriented” customers going forward.

    I agree there is typically more performance (especially for the $) from the aftermarket companies, but there is a lot to be said for having parts that BMW has developed and stands behind with full warranty and “no questions asked” versus showing up for a warranty claim with coilovers or a piggyback ECU tune (not that there’s anything wrong with that, if you don’t mind the warranty “challenges” these pose).

    I’m looking forward to fitting the BMWPerf exhaust in time too… it sounds great! 🙂