BimmerCast #50: The 1 Series M Coupe Show


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BimmerCast #50 is the follow-up our 1M review we release yesterday. It ‘s a deep dive in the car and our experiences on track and on public roads. If you want to get detailed on this car in a way the review didn ‘t, click play.

Additionally we ‘ve pieced together some video of one lap 1M so you can get a bit of a visual as well. One note – unfortunately I was recording through an iPhone and as I was turning into the second to last corner a call came in which shut off the recording. And no, I didn ‘t take it.

Video: On the Road

Video: On the Track

Track Gallery

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Official Photography

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  • Adam

    Fantastic show guys. Gabe, Michael you mentioned one area of dissapointment with the 1M, being the noise or lack there of.  While I have not driven the car and am not authority on it I can say that the engine probably makes alot of noise but with two turbo’s, a catalytic, resonator and a muffler to breathe thru I can understand why you would say it sounds muted.  On YouTube though there is a video from a German Magazine that got to drive the 1M Safety Car, the one equipped with a prototype Akropovic exhaust system Link:  Fast forward to about 1:44 and you can hear the car taking off, and it howls, this illustrates my point well, and that a bolt on mod should take care of your exhaust note.  This just may be your first mod Gabe.

  • JonPD

    Another great show guys, keep it up.   I am one of those that stepped away from the 1M purchase. My spot was picked up by a friend anyways. For me there was one major holdup on this purchase. I think the 1M is 90% the right car that I have been looking for, the problem was the 10% that I think the only way around would be to get hands on the car. I ran this around a huge number of times in my head and just could not come down on the 1M. I now have a low mileage 911 setting at home instead and am 100% sure I picked up the right car, though more expensive than the 1M it nailed the list of things I was looking for. At that point I almost picked up a E90 M3 but in many ways for everything it does so well is missing that visceral feel.

    Funny what you said about short wheel bases and feeling unstable. Before the Pcar one of the best feelings I’ve had at speed is my GP. Back straight at my local track I’ve had it at 132mph and it was rock solid. On a very very empty section of the road in Nevada I was able to push 6th gear readline in it and can tell you the faster the car goes the more stable it is.

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