Axis Reviews (and Drifts) the 1M

Our friends at Axis did their thing with the 1M this week along with us and a few other media outlets. But for Axis that thing includes drifting the heck out of the new baby M. What else would you expect from a site that is dedicated to the track? You can read their review here. And if you missed ours, check it out here.

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  • The-russells

    What FUN !!!!   NICE !!!!   Gimmmeee!!!   sackboy 

  • Anonymous

    Nothing better than a 1M with its tail out, well except maybe….

    The worlds best drift car- the M3 😉

    •  Yeah… you’re probably right about that. It’s insane how drift-able the current M3 is.

  • Adam

    I wonder if the 1M can do this naturally when the surface is less than ideal (like my G35) or if it needs some incentive.  From what I’ve heard so far the 1M is a stiff little thing so breaking it loose is probably just a matter of some extra throttle, where as for me its a matter of some drizzle and cold tired.  I love rear wheel drive! no matter how much it tries to kill me!