BimmerCast #51: BMW M Brand Manager Introducing the 1M


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Rounding out our 1M coverage is BimmerCast #51 featuring BMW NA M Brand Manager Matthew Russell giving us further insight into the 1 Series M Coupe. Mr. Russell talks about the car in relation to the various generation of M3 as well as the Z3 and Z4 M products. He also gives us a glimpse into what went on behind the scenes at M to make it all happen.

And for those of you ready for a new topic we ‘ll be back next week with BimmerCast #52 on the future of the 1 and 3 Series.

Launch and video photos after the break.

Video: 1 Lap Review

Video: On the Road

Video: On the Track

Official Photography

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  • JonPD

    Thanks for sharing this Gabe, good to hear what he had to say.

    800 units not the hard figure, so basically they will build as many as possible in the time remaining is how I understand that. No BMW Individual (yet) at the factory was interesting, makes me wonder if they are planning something for this before the 1M retires.

    Would have to say although Mr. Russell did not give a ringing endorsement of the motor. I don’t think we will see a ///M product or BMW advertising the motor in the car as “good enough”. We have moved from a ///M with a bespoke engine to one that it is good enough lol

    • I think you’re missing his point. The good enough doesn’t have to do with the motor or the technology but the power output. What he is saying is that M doesn’t feel the need to get into an arms race with this or even the M3. They prefer to make the power delivery, chassis and steering the star of the show. 

      And for the record, I firmly believe the N54B30TO one of the best all-round engines BMW has ever produced full-stop. I’ve heard plenty at BMW say the same.

      • JonPD

         I did get his point Gabe, he stated is cleanly the 1M is more about the handling than the power. Just got a grin with him calling the motor “good enough” that’s all. No disagreement with the N54 being a fantastic motor.

        • sackboy

          After 3,500mi. on mine- YEP- Mr. Russell was correct! Motor is PLENTY darn good! LOVE it!  sackboy

          • BimmerFile_Michael

            Sackboy- since you have bagged both an E90 (specced exactly like mine) and the 1M do you not feel that the M3 engine makes it worth the added expense? Or is the basis of the 1M chassis outweigh the need for the more race bred drivetrain. I have my view but curious of yours and you being a pilot may provide some additional insight. Thanks, -M

          • sackboy

            Thought about this awhile: They are both wonderful, well planned and executed, and both darn QUICK !  But- absolutely impossible to pick a favorite, inmho- because- they are so different!  The E90 sedan M3 is just- to me an apex in design and function. Heck- now wait a minute- I was talking about the 1 M !! Wasnt I ? See the problem? Love them both!  But will have to add- the 1 M just BEGS to be played with, and the M3 just begs to show you its competence, while screaming at you with a 8,000rpm wail !   So- Michael- no I don`t want the V8 in the 1 M, it is just where it should be! The balance is perfect now, in both! Sorry- did not address your question of money, but- since I am now looking at the new M5 w/ 6speed ……[ have you heard that Beast??!!!]…..   May have to sell the airplane!  CanNOT afford them all ! 

          • I think that response may have made my day.

          • BimmerFile_Michael

            That was a very smile inducing bit of commentary! I have only one point of contention- get the M5 with the DCT, you already have two M’s without it so you still can be a manual snob card holder. The engineers here in Germany all tell me that the DCT is what that car is meant for and I have to agree. PLUS- the manual anti-meshes gears so lousy drivers can’t explode the thing- What fun is that?! Keep the plane so you can dust crops on Thursdays to pay for weekend track days…

          • sackboy

            You & Gabe made MY day!  Ok- I will try a M5 DCT, but sure did love the 6speed I drove. Also- want to try one with the Carbon brakes!   Maybe I can put carbon disc`s on my Crop-duster, and save a few pounds!  sackboy

  • Anonymous

     Gabe, do you have a copy of the graphic making the size comparison with the car profiles in different colors – I think you showed a similar graphic for the X1 – X3 – X5 when the new X3 came out.

  • Anonymous

     Gabe, do you have a copy of the graphic making the size comparison with the car profiles in different colors – I think you showed a similar graphic for the X1 – X3 – X5 when the new X3 came out.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got no favorite color here, but the headlights do look best on the white 1m, makes the whole car look meaner.