According to Car Dealer Magazine, at the recent UK press launch BMW product manager James Morrison let slip that there is still hope for an even hotter version of the 1M. We ‘ve heard these rumors before but cost and timing have led us to believe they were a long-shot. However we may be in for a surprise. Here ‘s an excerpt from Car Dealer Magazine article and Mr. Morrison:

>‘There is scope for a CSL version. This car has certainly generated a buzz. When we planned for this car we were cautious, but now there’s some hype surrounding the 1M so there’s clearly going to be some people looking at what we can do next.

>‘M is the pinnacle of engineering so if there’s a CSL proposition or something really different that we could consider then we would. If there’s something special and unique we can do with it then absolutely we would. However, losing weight from cars is really expensive and the 1M fits very well at the moment at £40k. Whether it’d work as well at £60k just because it’s a bit quicker and lighter then I don’t know.’

That last sentence is really key in our minds. Will this car work at £60k or $70k with less weight a little more power? Would you buy it over the M3? And has M already shown us the CSL in the form of the 1 Series Moto GP pace car?