BMW 1 Series M Coupe CSL Not Ruled Out?

According to Car Dealer Magazine, at the recent UK press launch BMW product manager James Morrison let slip that there is still hope for an even hotter version of the 1M. We ‘ve heard these rumors before but cost and timing have led us to believe they were a long-shot. However we may be in for a surprise. Here ‘s an excerpt from Car Dealer Magazine article and Mr. Morrison:

‘There is scope for a CSL version. This car has certainly generated a buzz. When we planned for this car we were cautious, but now there’s some hype surrounding the 1M so there’s clearly going to be some people looking at what we can do next.

‘M is the pinnacle of engineering so if there’s a CSL proposition or something really different that we could consider then we would. If there’s something special and unique we can do with it then absolutely we would. However, losing weight from cars is really expensive and the 1M fits very well at the moment at £40k. Whether it’d work as well at £60k just because it’s a bit quicker and lighter then I don’t know.’

That last sentence is really key in our minds. Will this car work at £60k or $70k with less weight a little more power? Would you buy it over the M3? And has M already shown us the CSL in the form of the 1 Series Moto GP pace car?

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  • Dylan Bland

     I reckon black wheels and the BMW performance spoiler, mirrors and front splitter would like fantastic on a regular AW 1M. Anyone plan on doing this? Specifically, the wheels? Can you get the stock wheels coated or something?

    • I’ve been planning on doing the carbon spoiler and maybe the mirrors for about eight months now. I’m likely going to stick with the silver wheels. 

      But (to bring this back to the CSL) you can see how BMW could easily use the parts created for the Performance line and the Moto GP Safety car to create something a bit special.

      • Adam

        Have you considered performance mods Gabe? perhaps a straigh-pipe exhast similar to whats on the 1M saftey car? companies like SuperSprint, and RissRacing make exhaust systems that not only have excelent quality but also replace everything from the turbochargers back, in catted and full straigh-pipe form.  You can unlock over 20hp with that alone.  I would also suggest a blow-off valve, might pro-long the life of the turbo’s.

        If I were you right now I’d be going nuts, the 135i can be made a near 400hp monster with just bolt on’s, then you got this thing with all the handling and aero to go with it.

        • Yes I’m likely going to look at the exhaust on the safety car you see above along with some sort of tune. But I have no desire for even a tuned 135i after driving the 1M last week. I don’t mean to sound harsh because I adore the 135i even in stock form. But the 1M is just an entirely different animal.

          • Dylan Bland

            I like hearing that you’re still excited to receive your 1M, even having driven it already.  

          • goat

            That’s the right way to do it Gabe – keep the balance M has achieved between power&handling intact. For the sound, however, would the BMWPerformance exhaust offered for the 135i fit the 1M?

        • Anonymous

          If I were him, I’d hold out until next spring to worry about performance mods there may be some fun stuff coming from M Performance. (wink)

          As an aside- not really sure if any added power is needed since you can break the wheels free whenever you darn well please and the aero is what holds the car back- it is the worst M ar ever in that regard.

          • Dylan Bland

            Tease! So given that the 1M is adequately powered, has M3 breaks…what areas of the car would the be looking to improve? Exhaust note? Ummm

      • Dylan Bland

        Yes. All the parts are there. Would be fantastic. I’ve already ordered my 1M (it was built this week actually) so I won’t be in the market for CSL but I really hope they build it. Would love to see one, and would help build more hype around the 1M that will be great for resale across the whole 1M range in the future. Just like the E30 M3 is still great, even though the Evo models are a lot better. 

        I think the image above looks great but I’m not a fan of the large spoiler on a road car. It’s the same on the new GTS and I just don’t like it. I much prefer the subtle look of the E46 CSL.

        Exciting times! 

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  • T.

    With the current 1er M Coupe we are more interested in and because it is more feasible in “Longetivity”.

    Although reaction to the car has been exceptional both by enthusiasts and the media alike. The answer to maintaining the car’s longetivity is to expand on the greatness of the 1er M Coupe by allowing the customer to decide.

    For example – The approach to introducing some minor accessories both retaining visual and performance impact is more feasible and can be more profitable in the long run it also gives the customer scope to make the car more to their preference.

    M enthusiasts although some might be lucky to get at the top of the ladder , the greater majority of loyal M enthusiasts have the humble beginning of M by either a pre-owned M3 whether in E30,E36 or E46. The same goes for the other M models.  Looking at the future and the 1er M Coupe will fall into this category , although production is limited the car will still be around and you have to think ahead in relation to these future enthusiasts. Whilst cheaper maintainence and running costs are very appealing so is the opportunity to create your own car.

    As discussed previously in the early days of the (135iS) as the media believed. There was talk of  a “personalisation” programme. Although the intention was offering a full range of accessories and options that car borne from this is the 1M Safety Car. Because the window for the 1M Coupe is short there is more interest in the Longetivity of the project by offering some of the features identified by the Safety Car some aspects will help the visual appeal of the car and some will benefit performance.  All accessories will be after-market and available to the 1er M customer whether in present or future tense.

  • JonPD

    I look forward to seeing if this has legs, if I were in the market for a 1M today I would still buy the current model instead of holding out though as if the price spikes to much I doubt BMW would bring it to the US(really hoping I am wrong about that).