Like Jaguar and Mercedes BMW is planning on introducing full TFT gauges on it ‘s higher priced models. According our friends at Autoblog the new technology will be introduced in the 5 and 7 Series during their mid life-cycle refresh in the next 2-3 years.

Given the current 5 and 7 series gauges integrating TFT technology already it seems like a natural extension. However what we find interesting in the Autoblog story is the thought that BMW won ‘t simply be replicating the same analogue gauges in TFT form. Instead BMW intends on looking at the space as a ‘blank canvass ‘ to allow for better use of the space and better automotive-grade usability. Our sources have told us not to expect something entirely new and/or radical but instead look for smart ways to extend information given to the driver.

While BMW plans on allowing the user to customize the data and look slightly, there is a concern that allowing too much freedom would cause usability concerns. Therefore look for user control to be present but kept to a minimum.

The 7 Series refresh is scheduled to be the first time we ‘ll see this new technology. Look for a debut sometime late next year.