Here We Go Again: BMW to Introduce a 4 Series?

First it was the 2 series and now it ‘s the 4. Yes the old rumor that BMW would be filling in the literal holes of it ‘s product line has surfaced again, this tim at Autobild. First with the 1 Series coupe moving to the 2 series nomenclature and now with the rumor that BMW will introduce a 4 series. However unlike the 1 series coupe and convertible becoming the 2 series, we don ‘t expect the 3 series two doors to become the 4.

According to Autobild BMW will release the 4 Series to better compete with Audi and Mercedes. Yes that would mean that BMW thinks there room between the 3 and the 6 series coupe and convertible line-ups. But that ‘s not all BMW sees wearing the 4er name-plate. Like the 6 Series four-door Gran Coupe, we expect BMW to release a 4 series four door coupe. Think of it as a better looking (hopefully) Audi A5 Sportback.

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  • Adam

    Ok this BMW nomenclature change rumor is giving me whiplash. Off again on again.

  • JonPD

    BMW and super niche marketing. Makes sense I guess though they are quickly running out of numbers and may need to start using decimals lol

  • Herr26

    The Resurrection of the 4er comes at a time when BMW are streamlining it’s portfolio in order to accomodate the UKL FWD cars – They were never going to be called “0er” but will use the more appropriate 1er badge.  The imminent Sporthtach models which remain RWD will be distinguished by sDrive badges.  This allows BMW to position the more sporting Coupe and Cabrio as the 2er .

    The 3er is in a highly significant position. Due to to it’s Premium entry segment is one earmarked for considerable growth this decade.   In the 3er Portfolio beginning for the F30 – 6 models are confirmed for production that is two more than  before. The BMW 3er will consist of the BMW 3er Sedan and Touring , this time they will be joined by the BMW 3er Gran Turismo.    The 3er Coupe and Cabrio will be joined by a Gran Coupe model effectively a four door variant of the Coupe. A new direction for BMW as feedback has told us that potential Coupe customers would like more flexibility without sacrificing the overall look of the car.

    To split these models BMW will resort to calling the 3er Coupe , Cabrio and the Gran Coupe as 4er. Whilst the three 4er models are destined for North America. The 3er Sedan might be the only 3er , despite the best intentions of BMW NA , BMW AG cannot make the numbers work for the Touring especially when factored in with the X3 and the forthcoming X1.  The 3er Gran Turismo might not arrive due to the reaction of the 5er GT. BMW have kept the evolutionary appearance on the account of the current car is the best selling 3er Coupe to date. BMW credit this on the fact that the car is no longer a two door sedan but a singular model with it’s own style and individuality.The 3er Coupe/Cabrio has seen new customers for the first time , especially because of the exclusivity and Premium appearance of the Coupe and Cabrio. The next generation car is significant for this decade , because it is in the segment that will grow and the new car retains a premium make over , because this new 4er Coupe and Cabrio will become more profitable than before. The styling is evolutionary but brings forth some new elements to exert the premiumness of the car and to illustrate it’s proximity with it’s larger brother the 6er.Some elements carried over to the 4er from the 6er include the similiar boat plowing through waves imprinted on the lower flanks , although the 4er begins much earlier in the door skin and allows the characterline to overlap forming the decorative side intake with will designate the engine and whether xDrive is featured. The side repeater is relocated to the mirror. The glasshouse becomes more shallower , allowing for the cars stretched proportions. The front end of the car receives a wide grille , surrounded by slanted headlamp units , similar in shape to todays car with shapely flicks at each corner , where they surround the grille. To add more premiumness and a relationship to the bigger 6er brother the repeaters are located underneath the headlamp units , however they are covered by the main glass cover and are not individual elements like the 6er Coupe. At the rear the car progresses the outgoing look of the Coupe but with more dynamic shaped rear tail lamps that wrap around the body in a similar fashion that the previous E60 5er did , but with a more slimmer look. Aping the look of the current car a more BMW-like L-Shape is applied but the base of the units angles diagonally upwards to the recess for the licence plate, it gives a more dramatic feel and adds more sports orientated profile to the rear. The L-Shape are longer than before and like the 6er will offer exclusive LED technology. The Cabrio retains a 3 piece folding hard-top for more exclusivity and the reputation of the car as a popular boulevard cruiser in which the demographic of owners is dominately female.In some markets – China for example. The 3er Cabrio (E93) outsells the relevant Coupe due to the car appealing to younger customers.The 4er Gran Coupe transmits some of the Coupes elegant style but with four doors. The Gran Coupe model will be BMW’s lowest (in height) four door yet.

    The 2er and 4er are not all that will change within BMW’s line-up. With the smaller UKL platform now taking control of the BMW Z2 or as it will be known – The Z1.  The original Z2 programme – Compact , RWD , Additional Coupe will see the return some say long awaited of the – Z3 badge. Allowing The Z4 to further progress upmarket as a more Premium offering and retain it’s folding hard-top and design elements from the Vision Connected Drive and 328 Hommage as the BMW Z5.

  • Evan

    Keep the 3 series a 3 series. If it’s going to grow, then let there be more of the 3 series on the road. Why do that to the history of the brand? Make the Gran Coupe thing a 4er if you want. I understand the 2er bit with the RWD coupe and cabrio, especially given the MINI-BMW FWD sharing for other 1ers off of the UKL.

    And while it’s nice to hear that the 3erGT might not make it here, I’m hoping the F31 does. The X1 is a poor design (and yes I understand it’s selling well across the pond).

    If BMW doesn’t get the steering feel of the new F30 right, I may have finally lost hope and won’t know where to turn except the used car market…