E90 3 Series Sedan Production to End in October (E90 M3 Ending in July)

E90 M3

We ‘ve been sitting on this for awhile but since it ‘s been leaked (incorrectly) but another outlet we thought we ‘d report what we know.

The E90 is dead. Or close to it. The most successful 3 Series sedan ever will close out production in October of this year in preparation for the new F30 to start production in early 2012.

2009 3 Series

Production will wind-down starting with the much beloved E90 M3. The four door M3 will end production in July according to our sources following by the 335d in August. Finally all other variants will cease in October which should give dealers enough inventory to stretch through the slower winter months. Or at least that ‘s the theory.

What this will do is allow BMW to completely reconfigure the production lines in Germany and South Africa for the new platform.

Next up will be the 3 Series wagon which should end production next spring. However we wouldn ‘t be surprised if it becomes unavailable in the US before then. The Coupe should make the transition in the fall of 2012 followed by the convertible in the spring of 2013.

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  • Bob M3

    Yea, we just received an extra 3 months allocation on 328xi sedans, plus it looks like they are adding allocation on X3’s and X5’s to cover the loss of the E90 untill the new cars come in. We should be good untill late fall on units. This move will make the 4 cylinder turbo available all along the model range. Good move BMW!  

  • JonPD

    Well a bit sad to see the E90 M3 retire, while I adore the E46 M3 that monster v8 has to be one of the best sounds from BMW. Stll hoping we might still see a E89 with it.

  • Vkmsua

    Why is e90 called the most successful?