The Z3 to Return?

With the much rumored Z2 changing to the UKL front wheel drive platform, apparently BMW executives are considering re-thinking their entire roadster strategy. According to BMW based insider Scott26, that means the return of the Z3.

According to the source, the Z2 would move to the small front wheel drive platform of the UKL (home of the upcoming new MINI and front wheel drive 1 Series) while the Z3 would be based on the rwd 1 and 3 series platform. More specifically it would be aligned with the forthcoming F20 platform. Confused yet? There ‘s more. BMW could then move the Z4 further up-market to better compete with the Mercedes SL. The new Z5 (as it would be called) could then grow larger and more luxurious.

Here ‘s why this is great news for BF readers. Theoretically this would allow BMW to make the Z3 the small, lightweight agile roadster so many of us have been clamoring for. Imagine a current Z4 with less weight, size, a fabric top and just as powerful.

Oh and the Z2 we ‘ve been talking about for well over a year? It could become the Z1 with the move to a smaller front wheel drive platform. Interesting times…

Source: GCF

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  • JonPD

    Guess there goes my hope for a E89 M lol

    Should be interesting to see what they come up with, hopefully something a little more manly than the rather hairdresser Z3 lol

  • JFern

    I don’t understand the reasoning behind moving the Z4 upmarket to compete with the Mercedes SL. Isn’t that what the 6er Coupe and Cabrio are for? 

    We’re talking about moving a $53k Z4 upmarket, to go above the $90k 6er, to compete with the $100k MB SL? Doesn’t make any sense.

  • I think Z6, Z4, and Z2 would be better nomenclature for the three proposed roadsters. 

  • Andy

    I ALWAYS had a crush on the z3. I just saw a black one two days ago with the top down while I was driving in Southern California. It looked fantastic and definitely didn’t look OLD. It was a great design and I would love to see BMW’s new designs and configurations for the Z3. KEEP IT LIGHT, a manual top, and better mpg and horse power please.

    • Fritz

      I have to agree with you. The Z3 was the true roadster- cup holders and tight seats. More like the classic roadster of the past. It has a classic look like the Z8- another beautifully designed roadster. But the Z4 although improved in looks with the long nose is made for the Mercedez type- automatic transmission and a cell phone person.

      • Fritz

        Correction- the Z3 had no cup holders, but it had tight seats.

        • vivo

          Nope, the Z3 did have cup holders but they had different consoles so some did not have cup holders, mine does.

          The Z3 has aged well and it has a good following so it would be of interest to see a return, RWD of course.

  • spiderz17

    No, there was already a Z1, so they’ll have to name the FWD roadster the 1 Series Z Roadster (or 1Z for short).  sarcasm

  • spiderz17

    No, there was already a Z1, so they’ll have to name the FWD roadster the 1 Series Z Roadster (or 1Z for short).  sarcasm