BMW F20 1 Series Commercials Debut

The F20 is out and with it all the normal PR that goes with a new BMW launch. Now that we have the specs and photos, we turn our attention to the official videos. Click through to see the second after the break.

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  • That was painful.

  • Tom221

    Hey BMW, hiring 2 douchebag brothers doesn’t sell the car to us.  Stop trying to be “hip” and just build a good car.

    • I think that’s the comment of the week.

      • Tom221

        Thanks! 😀

  • JonPD

    Poor quality commercials for sure. Great job BMW you found a piss poor couple of commercials to celebrate this fat and ugly new 1 series. heh

    • HERR26

      Still it’s nice to get back to Cape Town , South Africa our prime filming location. The 3er heads there in the next few weeks from Vitoria , Spain.

      And the M5 is just back from the Canary Islands.

      • JonPD

        Lets hope the product of those trips are more worthwhile. I enjoy a lot that BMW does but these commercials were horrid.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone at BMW give me a job? Seriously, I am outspoken (as we all know) and I would have NEVER no matter what board member liked this crud let it be produced.

    I finally have Internet on my phone in Germany after the huge move and I wasted my data on watching that rubbish? Someone owes me part of my life back and compensation for my data usage.

    I’d be happy to collect in Munich.


    • Anonymous

      Considering I filmed a BMW spot about a year ago, I know what goes into these things but at the same time- the message of these is lost by the constant jabber of nonsense.

      • Tom221

        I am in BMW’s target demographic for this car and this ad: male, late 20s.  I have one word for this campaign: LAME!

  • Daniel


  • goat

    Tom221 has it right – these “characters” come off as stereotypical douchebags… Wholly uncool to listen to their oh-so-cool interests… Like watching tue FaceBook page of a cheesy frat-type put to video. Major turnoff from the car. BMW tries way too hard to come off as cool in their recent advertising whereas Audi quietly exudes it. Thank god the cars are still generally superior driving machines to Audi’s -so just showcase it BMW!

  • RKCA

    Is USA/Canada the intended audience for this commercial? I’m doubting that since we wont be getting the hatch version. Maybe the commercial is intended to “speak” to European audience.