BMW F20 1 Series New Video

BMW UK has a new video out that shows off the F20 perhaps in its best light so far. The interior especially with ambient lighting and the best look yet and the fit and finish of the new baby Bimmer.

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  • Anonymous

    speaking of fit and finish, the hood looks poorly aligned with the front fascia at the joint over the headlight in the video still above, same on the red car. 

  • ellinara

    I’m still not a fan of the exterior design… Pity that the interior is so nice and clean. Conclusion: Love the interior hate the exterior, especially when the exterior reminds me of the new POLO in Europe

    • Ira Kirtak

      The rear is not so bad actually. I own an E87 (5-door 118i) and I always park it in a way to approach the car from the front 🙂 These new taillights do remind of the new VW Polo, but they are nice and clean, unlike those on my E87 that make it look like a van a bit 🙂 As for the front, it does remind me a bit of Mitsubishi L200 (stormtrooper’s helmet look) but it actually looks better in the video than it does in static pictures. It starts to remind me of BMW roadsters a bit, I dunno 🙂 I’m sure we’ll get used to it and everybody will love it 🙂 As they always do.

      • JonPD

        To me the design is anything but fresh. I will not feel better about it over time either, that is almost 5gt ugly.

  • Rfritz

    I’m confused.

    Is this thing RWD or FWD?

    I think it’s ugly…but just curious about which wheels are doing the pulling or pushing.

    • Tom221