Is the Z2 Switching from Front to Rear Wheel Drive?

The front wheel drive Z2 could be switching sides so to speak. According to Car Magazine BMW brass have made a decision (based on feedback on BF and sites like it) to move the Z2 from front wheel drive to rear or even all wheel. The decision also means that the Z2 will likely be based on the 2 Series rear wheel drive platform rather than the shared UKL platform if it goes RWD. However, if it goes all wheel drive that means it will indeed be based on what will also underpin the next generation MINI and BMW city car (non BMWi).

Obviously for enthusiasts the rear wheel drive option remains the more attractive one. But the all wheel drive UKL based car means a smaller roadster with more grip than anything else on the market in that segment.

We expect BMW to make a final decision on the car in the coming months. In the mean time head over to read more at Car.

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  • JonPD

    Would be glad to hear that they are looking at RWD. Makes the car much more interesting.

  • Anonymous

    The AWD would be interesting, but no doubt it would have the FWD bias – no more than 50% of power to rear wheels or the like. If that is the case, then RWD is preferred.