The $94,000 BMW 1M?

The 1M is a great car. One of the best M cars ever. But is it worth over $90k? That ‘s what a BMW dealer in Glendale California thinks. Yes that is a $40,000 mark-up. We haven ‘t seen one of those since the Z8 ten years ago.

So are they crazy or just greedy? We ‘d have to wager it ‘s a little bit of both.

Hat tip to Brian Lalor.

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  • 03BeastCharmer

    Mental note, Never buy a BMW from a dealer in Glendale California.  So much for making the 1M an “entry” ///M

    Anyway to report them to BMW NA?  That is crazy.

  • Makes me sick!

  • Art

    Unbelievable and sickening

  • Art

    Unbelievable and sickening

  • BigBilly


  • Buckeye

    I am next in line for the 1M at a local dealership.  Shame on them if I pay over MSRP and shame on me for not getting something in writing before the hype for this car went over the top.  I would love to hear from others what they were asked to pay and what they settled on.  I will be sick to my stomach if the dealer asks for a huge markup.  That poster has got to be fake.

  • jpd

    I hope others refuse to buy from this Glendale dealer. Dealers can charge what they want. The only recourse is for to boycott and refuse to pay one penny over msrp.

  • Shot in the dark by the dealer. I find dealer markups offensive.

  • Guest

    That’s a Canadian VIN Car. Is Bimmerfile sure it’s a vehicle in California?