The 1M Drifts the Highest Helipad in the World

Brought to you by the same team that created the 1M vs the Concrete Walls commercial we featured a few weeks back, this installment shows the (seemingly) 1M going in circles 100 of feet over a city. Is it real? Of course not. Does it look amazing. Absolutely.

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  • Sean bell


    • KDawg13

      yes, we know.  as was stated: “Is it real? Of course not. Does it look amazing. Absolutely.”

  • JonPD

    Wonder how presenting the performance of the car in a digital series of challenges is more compelling. Guess it would be different if my mind did not scream fake when I looked at it heh. Maybe just me I think that is does little to show anything else about the car. interrupting hoonage in the car with faux features really does little for me. To each their own though

  • Dylan Bland

    Awesome ad for an awesome car. Haters gonna hate. Trolls gonna troll 🙂