M1, Z4M and 1M CSL Rumored

According the Auto Express and M Division head Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, the long rumored M1 replacement is inching closer.

“We have a fantastic history with the M1,” Dr Nitschke said. “The decision on developing this car is open. We’d love to do it.”

Apparently the car has been on the drawing board for 11 years but only now with modern technology is seriously BMW considering it. Auto Express theorizes that the car would need a V10 or V12 to compete with the likes of Aston Martin or Ferrari. We ‘d guess that BMW may want to push a more downsized concept with multiple turbos and/or an electric drive added in.

Additionally Dr. Nitschke also mentioned that M is considering doing a follow-up to the Z3M Coupe with the current Z4. However he stressed that no decision has been made.

Finally the company is also looking at being more nimble when it comes to launching special edition models. According to Auto Express a lighter CLS version of the new 1M is on the cars and could be produced in very low numbers rather quickly. We ‘d guess that a model like this would be Euro only and priced according to it ‘s bespoke nature.

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  • HERR26.

    Although it is feasible to introduce a CSL in the dying days of the E82  and it is such an option that has not been decided.   What many are in favour of especially in light of customers who buy their 1M and then find out that “here is another” and of course US federalisation issues.  Is that to give the customer their own opportunity the create their own CSL via a personalisation programme of available accessories covered under full BMW warranty and federalised for the US.

    With the E82 1M you have to think further down the line and how for the next generation of customers this would be their first M car so longetivity is important.  Currently 1M is in a tight window and it is only right that every 1M customer has a choice to progress their 1M without eroding their warranty.

  • JonPD

    Great to hear that the Z4M might still be in the cards! Still think that it would be a perfect fit for the V8 to allow BMW to put out more of them to lower the overall investment.

    M1 – interesting but not a car I would ever look at as its no doubt out of what I would ever spend on a car and more importantly likely something that will end up with some serious contenders.

    1M CSL – Would pick it up in a second if its a real CSL. However as noted the US is already screwed so don’t care about this development.

    Do have to wonder about Herr26’s view on making your own CSL. I honestly doubt this would ever come close to happening as I am not sure how bolt on parts would ever come close to making a CSL unless you can pick up carbon fiber hoods or door panels and other things that would live up to the CSL standard. Tacking on a carbon fiber mirror cap no so much.

  • Michael Kull

    Great to hear of the possibility of a Z4M ,i  think the Current M3 V8  motor with a Turbo Charge would be a iconic symbol of Contemporary progressive design , by BMW, and may even attain super car status? Masculine Animal like lines ,a bold designer=Chris Bangle, and you may have the most desired car on the planet & the ultimate driving machine.