6 Series xDrive and M6 Caught at the \’Ring

One of our absolute favorites sites about one of our absolute favorite places in the world captured a pair of new 6 Series this week getting some fine tuning. Bridge to Gantry caught prototypes of both the M6 and the 6 Series xDrive doing some hot laps on the ‘Ring. After seeing the two cars in person attack the famous track here ‘s their take:

These photos are from Wipperman, where cars must transition from one lateral loading to the next at over 80mph, over cambers and kerbs. The red 6-er here wasn ‘t worried at all.

But the same couldn ‘t be said of the much faster M6. Maybe it was just the product of ridiculous 550+bhp in the M car, but it didn ‘t look quite as composed…

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  • Anonymous

    i think I see a spit sink between the driver and passenger