BMW NA to Get New CEO This Fall

After three years of service at the top post in the US, Jim O ‘Donnell will be retiring from BMW this fall. According to Automotive News his replacement will be long-time BMW executive Ludwig Willisch, who has led the company ‘s sales operations in Europe, Japan and is the man that introduced the world to the X5 and X6 ///M models while he was head of ///M!

Look for an official release in the coming days. In the meantime we ‘d like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Mr O ‘Donnel for a job well done.

Source: Auto News

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  • JonPD

    Big loss for BMW USA, Jim is a truly great guy. Ludwig is starting in a horrible place in my view as he is one directly responsible for bastardization of the ///M brand with SUV’s. While I know he is just one many but still have no love for the ///Momsport vehicles.

    • sackboy

      Ok JPD ! Give the man a slightly BROADER view !  Just because the X6M & X5M arent your cup-o-tea, certainly does NOT mean to everyone!!! BTW- I own new M3, also got new 1M comin soon just to play, but have YOU ever actually DRIVEN a X6 or X5M ?? !!! They are positively compelling vehicles! They ALMOST defy the Laws of Physics in what they accomplish !  Yes- Ive also owned a BUNCH of 2002s ! Lighten-up fella!  Does MB or Audi, or EVEN the dreaded P-car build just EVERY model the way YOU want it?? Huh??  sackboy

      • JonPD

        I have driven both for short durations and they do have solid perforamce. Just don’t see how a vehicle built to take the kiddies off to practice rate a motorsports badge. I am all for them developing a performance SUV, just wished they branded them a ///M Sport to not embarrass a lifetime of what ///M has stood for.

        • Hoover

          Automobile Magazine’s August 2011 issue has an interesting article about the history of ///M.  It was an eye-opening read, and really revealed how the division has evolved over time. Info on every ///M offering, with specific detail of the US market.  I was surprised, and disappointed by some models that I had previously held in high esteem.  My perception was altered, and my acceptance of these SUV beasts grew…well…truth be told…not so much of the X6 M…that just seems like a stupid car.  But the X5 M?  I could get down with hauling the family around in that rocket.  I call that a Super Utility Vehicle.  The 1M has me salivating.  Surprised that you are going for a Coupe over a 1M.

          • JonPD

            The Coupe is replacing our second MINI, when the 1M came out I was on the fence. Its a great car for sure but at the time I went with a solid used 911 GT3. It cost a chunk more than the 1M but the overall package was to good to choose the 1M. Still think the 1M is one of the best things to come from ///M in quite a while. I personally keep hoping for aE89 ///M  GT3 tribute car lol.

  • Michael

    I guess we won’t be getting 5 wagon anyway now that fan of SUVs will be at the helm.