Video: The Technology of the BMW i3 & i8

There are so many details and ideas within the new cars that ‘s it ‘s almost impossible not to gloss over some of the most interesting technologies around them. Smart navigation, self parking, congestion mode, the list goes on. So to give you a better look at the cars we ‘ve compiled list of the more interesting official videos about the new BMWi concepts.

BMW i3: Detailed Look

Charging Process

BMW i3 Information and Navigation Display

BMW i3: Structural Design

BMW i3 & i8: In Motion

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  • Anonymous

    I did not like the boxy look of the i3’s space frame when we saw it months ago, but now I have to say that I really like the look of this 4dr hatch in full trim. 

  • Anonymous

    I would absolutely buy one.  The i3.  Although I like the i8 better, as a real estate agent driving downtown in awful traffic on a regular basis – I would appreciate the congestion features and my clients would appreciate the roomy interior 🙂  A perfect complement to my JCW Clubman (great for weekends/no traffic)

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what it will look like in production trim. I doubt the glass doors, hatch, and roof with spidery supports will make it to production. Its still a pleasing shape even if these are all solid panels. Just don’t look at the concept sketches – somehow they make the i3 look all sleak and big wheeled, always makes the real thing a disappointment.