An Inside Look at BMW\’s Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Process


For years the problem with carbon fiber has been producing large quantities cheaply. Now BMW and parter SGL Group seem to have solved the problem with a new process and new technologies. The result is mass produced carbon fiber that can be easily transported and assembled into automobiles anywhere in the world. BMW even hinted at local assembly of BMWi Carbon based cars with this new process.

So how does it all start? Check it out after the break.

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  • Anonymous

    So much shipping around, it sounds like a prius battery.

  • Anonymous

    I think I’ve posted a comment about this before. All of the robotics here are primarily replicating human movements instead of truly automating the fabrication process. The example I always use is a pen based plotter which draws an image on paper much the way a human would, one line at a time, vs an inkjet which paints the image on the paper in wide swaths.

    This carbon fiber fabrication has a long way to go before its simple and affordable.