Next Generation M3 Debuts in Prototype Form


Auto Express has the very first photos next generation M3 has it takes to public roads for the first time. We suspect that what we ‘re seeing here is a ‘franken-prototype ‘ in that it ‘s using the four door F30 3 Series as a test bed since the F32 coupe isn ‘t ready for even prototype purposes. As we ‘ve reported previously, M will not be offering an M3 sedan this go around due to poor sales of the current E90 M3. However we do expect a four door coupe to be offered at some point within the next generation M3 ‘s life-cycle.

What we see here is likely M testing the next M3 ‘s tri-turbo drivetrain along with suspension, wheels and brakes. A couple of things worth noting. the breaks look to be similar to the new M5 ‘s set-up and the wheels look very airy (and hopefully) lighter than previous M3 OEM wheels. They also look like 18s from this angle. We expect 19s to be optional as they are now.

You can see all the photos at Auto Express.

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  • Carspies

    Last warning. You are not allowed to use our spy photos regardless from what magazine they came from. Next time we won’t ask for removal and will let our legal office handle this. Remove them from all articles.

    Thank you.

  • Adam

    Here it starts! It will be a long, exciting ride of spy pics and leaked info until the official unveiling. I always look at a finished product (F10 M5 for example) and wonder how I managed to get excited over fully cladded spy pics, and rumors but i suppose the wait is some of the fun.

  • Que

    in int engine mag stated the new M3 power will be a V6 (chopped M5 V8) with the 2 turbos.  Has anyone else got that news???

    • That’s been a rumor from the past couple of years and BMW even went to the trouble of patenting a design. However all internal sources indicate that it’ll be N55 based.