The Abandoned BMW Dealership

EndrasBMW has gotten the inside story on a long abandoned BMW dealership in small town Canada. And long with it an erie set of photos. After much research by EndrasBMW and some dedicated people at Maxbimmer the mystery has been reportedly solved:

The story goes as follows. In 1988 the dealer, located on Royal Windsor Drive and operating under the name “Citation Motors”, had his license revoked for unknown reasons. They then moved to Toronto under the name “Downtown BMW” which in 2002 closed up shop.

The owner, apparently a well off German business man, seemed to have no interest in selling the place, or even the inventory, as everything seems to have been left behind in tact. One hundred percent frozen in time is the only description that seems fitting when describing this ultimately interesting place. In the showroom you’ll notice an E28 and 635csi BMW in absolute mint condition. Well, mint may be the wrong word to use as the rubbers have probably given away and the gasoline has made a mess of things inside the mechanical bits. ‘Unused’ may be a better word to describe these twenty-three year old cars. Especially the 635csi, which apparently only has 68 or 6000 kilometers on the odometer, depending on which source you listen to. Also note the typical 1980’s showroom interior furnishings, architecture, and design.

A highly recommended read. Go check it out at EndrasBMW. Via Jalopnik

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  • JonPD

    Very cool stuff there, I would like to trailer home a couple of the things in there lol.

  • I get the feeling that today’s BMWs will never look as good as these 10, 20 or 30 years from now. That’s sad.

  • Erik9108

    The dealership that time forgot.  Amazing stuff!

  • goat

    OK. This was a great find guys (both BF and EndrasBMW)! This is why I love BF… always learning something.  🙂

    That 635i is achingly beautiful. I am doing a roadtrip in a couple of weeks in my old miata with some buddies and will make a point of choosing a route that visits this place. 

  • Ira Kirtak

    Did they have run-flat tires back then? Because they look perfect in these pictures.

    • Anonymous

      There is a funky patina on some of those tires. Even if the rubber is ok, they probably all have flat spots that I doubt will go away.

  • Shouldn’t corporate BMW be notified of this?