1M Needle Pegged on the Autobahn by EVO

Wonder how far into triple digits the 1M can really go before running out of steam? According Stephen Dobie from EVO, the magic number is 170 mph. There ‘s no mention of the speed limiter being removed so it would seem that it ‘s a combination of the speedometer being overly ambitious and/or BMW is being more generous with its 155 mph self-imposed limit.

You can read more about Stephen ‘s Autobahn exploits at EVO.

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  • Anonymous

    nuts, that video is not loading for me here

  • Anonymous

    I am calling BS, I love how after 155mph they never show the speedo again- is that by chance? Nope. I was told by several people that the reason BMW did not remove the Speed limiter after 155 is because terminal velocity is right there secondary to drag and that the car becomes unstable as the aero is not designed for such speeds. 

    • Speeding1m

      You can call it BS but I and others have seen 165 on a 1M here in the US with no signs of a speed limiter. It is likely an optimistic speedometer but it is real.

      • Anonymous

        I believe 165mph with no questions asked as the speedo reads about 10 over at that point by design, 170 is a different story. Show it to me on camera (which was present) or on a GPS/Trackmate etc. that the car will do 170 (which is really about 160). 

        Like I said, I was told terminal velocity is right around 155 mph (real speed) if any can show any different in base trim I’d be impressed and also eat crow. 

        • goat

          I’m with you on this. The speedos are off by a significant amount… at 120kph they are off by 5-6kph. I have seen on the forums that nearing top speed the delta does grow to 10 and even as high as 15kph. There is a way to code for the speedo showing “true” speed and as soon as I have my 335i coded that is one of the first things I am changing just for the sake of not having to “mentally overshoot” speed limits everywhere.

  • Dylan Bland

    Why would EVO lie? 

    • Anonymous

      Honestly I don’t think they are lying. If you drive that fast on the autobahn you really need to keep your eyes up just in case someone is trying to pass a camper/caravan or worse yet a truck with a “60” plastered on the rear. So it is hard to accurately look down at the speedo while the car is going up and down and you are trying to not crash into the back of a slow moving vehicle. I do 120-140mph pretty regularly and I have a tough time looking down to see how fast because of the risk of a slow darter (more at 140 than 120). The scary part is braking not really the speed part- the car dives and dips if too much force is applied and you’ll surely hit the rear of the car in front if not enough is applied. Factoring a bunch of variables in I just think 170 in a 1M on the autobahn is a bit out there. By now readers know I am honest in my opinions and usually I have a reason or two :0

      • Dylan Bland

        hehe all good Michael. I’m sure you’re right – it’s just that I don’t think EVO would knowingly post a false video. The solution is simple: to settle this I think you ought to find a 1M and take it for a run down the autobahn yourself! 😀