BMW 1M: No 2012 Model Year & No Special Edition

Over the past year we ‘ve brought you many different rumors on the 1M. But over time each of those rumors have either been confirmed (manual only) or officially dispelled. In last week ‘s BimmerCast we had a chance to speak with Brian Watts – the man in charge of the M Divisions Sales and Marketing worldwide. As you may have heard in the BimmerCast, we asked Mr. Watts point blank about two of the most persistent rumors over the past six months:

  • Will there be a 2012 model year?
  • Will M create a special version of the 1M?

They ‘re rumors we ‘ve labelled on our own as highly unlikely but we wanted to hear from the man himself.

Regarding the rumor of extended 2012 production, here ‘s what Mr. Watts had to say:

We shouldn ‘t expect it (and) I don ‘t forecast it at the moment. Like I said, this is a limited production here in the states and that ‘s how we should treat it. We kept the volumes limited and keep the nostalgia up. This is one of those cars that will be a collector ‘s item in the future.

Not a complete and total denial but clearly it ‘s not happening at the moment. And later when we weren ‘t recording his answer became even more resolute.

What about the rumors of a special edition 1M? Again Mr. Watts:

No. We don ‘t have anything on the radar. There are a lot of rumors floating around and that ‘s good. But at the moment we don ‘t have anything in the near future.

There you have it straight from the ultimate source. While we do expect some new 1M accessories to show-up soon (he did confirm stripe packages are coming) we don ‘t expect any future iterations of the current 1M.

You can hear much more in the entire interview BimmerCast #54.

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  • Philippe Charest-Neault

    What are these wheels exactly?

  • JonPD

    Good and bad news all in the same place. I think they have a huge winner in the form of the 1M, and the M2 is not likely to replicate, It will likely be faster but follow the same path as the M3 of getting larger and weighing more over time. 

    • Herr26

      With the F22 1M or should I say M2. The old say “If it ain’t broke , don’t fix it” applies to the next generation car.So what makes the 1M the car it is today will be very much carried over including the accessible angle , but will be less limited.Power will be very much similar to the 1M but delivered via a lighter four cylinder. In fact the next generation platform makes the F20 series lighter than it’s predecessor.This of course will be carried over with the F22. With the next M3(M4) rising to 450PS , That window allows the M2 to expand and being considered to progress from an idea is GTS and CSL variants. Just as the next M3 will also get the opportunity to branch out.But with M there intends to be further sub-lines within the sub-brand such as  CRT GTS and CSL  (Carbon Racing Technology) which was introduced with the ltd M3 Sedan which is a beast of a car.CRT would be for Sedans etc with CSL and GTS exclusively to the Coupe’s for high Performance enthusiast editions. What is next for M is the next generation of M6 which will appear first as A Cabrio before the end of the year. As well as a Coupe following. The upcoming BMW 6er Gran Coupe Sports sedan – It is called a Sports Sedan rather than a four door Coupe.Because the the 6 is lower than the 3 5 and 7 sedans, and BMW do not want to follow others and label the car simply as a four door Coupe.

      The BMW 6er Gran Coupe Sports Sedan will also become a member of the M6 family.

      • JonPD

         It should be interesting for sure to see how everything evolves. Hopefully at this very early point of determining GTS and CSL hopefully BMW can work on figuring out how to work the US testing to finally bring one of these to the US. We are largest ///M market and have done a great deal to help ///M succeed only to be left out time after time.

        I have a lot of hope that the next generation M2 can live up to the 1M however as we are talking a car nearly as large as the current 3 series I wonder what will happen to the weight of the cars. The 1M is not exactly a featherweight car already. I still get the feeling that the 1M was not developed further as BMW knew with actually small power changes they would have something better than the current M3s.

  • CB

    Perhaps the best and worst decision by BMW to import the 1M.  The build a great “affordable” M car, but import only 300 for one year.  

  • Nick Dawson

    It cannot be an easy task to improve on the 1-series Coupe but the German tuning house, Kelleners Sport, is the first company to release a fully fettled 1M, ‘Kelleners KS-1S’.

    The engine develops 410bhp and 406lb/ft torque, and the suspension features an adjustable coilover kit, adjustable for ride height, compression and rebound. There is also a splitter attached to the front spoiler that increases downforce on the front axel, and a rear spoiler is to be made available shortly.

    A bespoke interior is also part of the package with black and white leather seats, while the orange stitching is replaced with white stitching and the bland dash trims and door pulls are replaced with white gloss.

    BMWCar Mag road tested the KS-1S, having recently extensively tested the 1M, and found Kelleners’ suspension system to be “more supple than the BMW setup, with exemplary body control and sensational grip levels”. They found also that although the modified car was only a little livelier than the standard car in the mid-range, at the top end it pulled considerably harder.

    More information on