BF Garage: the 1M is Delivered & Ready for its Debut

The wait has stretched for years. And now it ‘s over. Last Monday, with an impromptu crowd of customer and employees looking on, I drove my 1M out of the dealer showroom.

Last week we published our full review of the 1 Series M Coupe. And as you likely remember, we loved it. Now it ‘s time for us to walk the talk a bit and actually live with one. And that starts with paperwork and something called a break-in period.

After being on the waiting list for many years it was almost anti-climatic as I signed the paperwork and took procession of the keys fobs. That said there ‘s something entirely satisfying about buying a new car and the 1M is obviously no exception. (Full gallery after the break)

So now comes the dreaded break-in period. I fully intend to baby the 1M throughout the first 1,200 miles as M engineers suggest. And according to a few I ‘v spoken to in person that means no sudden acceleration until the magic 1,200 mark. According to them however full acceleration after 600 miles is ok with the M Differential. However it is essential I “roll-on ” the pedal and don ‘t floor it as that will ultimately make the differential a bit noisy later in life. And as I ‘m keeping this one for the long-haul I ‘m going to do it right.

Next up I ‘ll be talking about the handful of accessories I ‘ve added to the car post purchase. As most of my previous BMWs and MINIs I ‘ve gone the OEM+ route with a few choice accessories that stay true to the original concept and what the designers had intended. But more on that next week. I ‘ve got some driving to do.

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  • Adam

    Wow Gabe a huge congratulations to you, it’s about time you got one, the wait must have been excruciating. Maybe I’ll see you cruising thru the west burbs somtime, in your new M. Btw I like the mods so far, very tasteful, makes me miss my 540i.

  • Congrats Gabe.  That’s a great looking car!

    (and hopefully comments are fixed)

  • Jason Parry

    I wouldn’t change a thing about your options or mods. Simply a perfect example. Now can we compare the 1M to the Dinan? 🙂

  • Poleposition

    Thank goodness you switched to white.  That hideous orange would have been a fatal error and shortened the length of ownership for you for sure.  White is super hot and you can live with it forever.  Congrats.  Now go on a road trip and get through that damn break-in period already

    • It was never anything but white the second I saw the metal flake in the orange. 

  • JonPD

    Great news Gabe, a huge congrats for your long wait being over. Should be a great car to add to your current line-up.

    Not sure if you already saw but did you see what Mahard Racing has already done with the 1M? I think it shows that the 1M’s potential and looks great. Pretty sure ///M left the car where it is to prevent it from spanking its older and chunkier sibling the M3.

    • Thanks! Regarding the Mahard Racing 1M… yeah I saw it. Trying to forget it but it’s burned into my retinas. It looks terrible – especially the bastardization of the exterior with those various accoutrements.

      • JonPD

        Heh I am actually ok with the exterior mods (though prefer the stock 1M), but the extra 80 hp sure would be nice and that exhaust note is incredible.

  • DoubleNick

    Gabe, congratulations, I am happy for you. Back in 2004, your writing got me interested in MINI. Sold my vette and bought a ’05MCS (8/04). Loved the car. Then you started writing about the 1Series. Well, I had to have one and purchased a new ’09 135 manual–and my wife bought a 128. I really liked the 135, but missed my MINI. In June took delivery of a factory JCW (PW with CR top and mirrors). A MINI on streoids. I truly love the car. I am choosing to mostly ignore your sweet 1M. My wife loves her 128, I hope she doesn’t see your new car. All the best. Nick

  • goat

    Gabe – congratulations and enjoy it… break-in is going to take massive self-restraint but will be over soon enough. Also, it looks lovely in white… just the right amount of aggression and day-to-day class. Not to mention a blank canvas for wherever you wish to take the look of the car via OEM+ accessories. 

    Also, once you have broken it in, please shoot some good in-car driving videos (especially for the sound)!

    • Arvie

      Gabe, do you observe the conventional break-in period or subscribe to the opposing theory that actually flogging it, in a systematic way that includes deceleration, is better for the engine’s power and longevity?

  • Dylan Bland

    Congratulations Gabe. After all the work you’ve put in promoting this car to would-be owners, you above all others deserve to have one in your garage. It looks fantastic and I’m very happy for you. Enjoy it!

  • JonPD

    Was at my dealer tonight having one of our MINI’s checked in and got a chance to check out and drive a 1M. Alpine white and ordered almost identical to yours Gabe. Have to say looks even better in person than in photos. Love the styling and most everything. The tail is happy to swing wide. The motor is strong enough to help and the exhaust note is pretty good though I think there is room for improvement with a tune and likely exhaust. Still think everybody that made this leap choose well. Do have to say was humored though to see this killer little shark parked between a X6M and a X5M.

    • Awesome that you had a chance to drive one. It’s rare to see one at a dealer not spoken for and even rarer that they’d let you take it out!

      • JonPD

        Good news that this one having a 3M clear bra being added. Good friends with the dealer and the lucky new owner. This dealer got 2 of the cars and have about 50 people that have expressed interest. Can say was thinking hard all the way home in my much loved GP that I should have traded it in on a 1M. Best option would be to have all three toys but just don’t have room for the P-car, GP and a 1M lol. Guess I should just be happy that finding a 1M now would be impossible anyways. To bad on that as I have a friend that is dying to get one and has been contacting dealer after dealer without luck.