The F10 M5 Does a Lap of the \’Ring (Video)

A predator in its natural habitat. BMW M has released the first official video of the F10 BMW M5 around the ‘Ring as driven by M Division test driver Claudia Hürtgen. Still think a twin turbo V8 won ‘t sound aggressive? Click play no the video after the break.

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  • Adam

    Wow it actually sounds good, seems pretty glued to the track too. I love this car the more I see and hear of it.

  • JonPD

    Not bad at all, still think the E90 M3 though blows it out of the water as far as sound goes. Wonder how far of the pace of a Nissan it will be?

    • Quite a ways I’m sure. As M has said for years, outright pace isn’t the point of a car like the M5.

  • Hoover

    No other cars on the Ring. How sweet would that be?