BMW M5 With xDrive? We Have the Definitive Answer.

Albert Biermann, Head of Development at BMW M GmbH, said he would not rule out future xDrive models for ///M. Reading between the lines, as other sources have suggested, would indicate he is discussing the X3 and X1. He did confirm for us here at BimmerFile today that ///M has NO current plans to develop an ///M5 with xDrive.

Biermann added, that the ///M5 is an established product with a long storied history and they are not going to change the recipe for success. He unequivocally denied earlier reports that he had stated an all wheel drive variant of the M5 was coming in the future and gave us several reasons as to why not. The basis of his reasons were simple: an ///M5 would be no better with the added weight, complexity and drive characteristic of all wheel drive.

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  • Adam

    Wow sounds an awful lot like what you guys were saying months ago, you and Herr26(Scott27).

    I am really loving how the M5 has turned out, seems like from yours and all the other reviews the only downside to this version is that it doesnt have the soundtrack of the old one.  I am totally loving this car.

  • CiaoBoy

    What about the diesel M5 that was rumored, and rumored to come with all-wheel drive?  I assume it will have even more torque, so wheel slippage will definitely be a problem off the line if it is just real wheel drive.

    • Herr26

      That car is called M550d. It is not an M5 – It is a quasi-M car . Not the best example, but the idea is similar to the BMW 135i M-Sport. In which you get one model and no-option of additional M-Sport Packet like other 1er Coupe’s.

      • Dr Obnxs

        Hi Herr26, thanks for the clarification, but someone needs to let BMW know that their naming conventions are not that helpful, and that the end result will be confusion for the customer, and blurring of the brand lines. Marketing a “Quasi-M car” must give advertising agencies fits! BMW is currently coming out with some of the longest, most unwieldy model names of any car company, and that doesn’t do favors for anyone.

        A friend bought a 335D with a sport package, has M all over things like shift knobs and the like. She’s not an automotive expert, and tells everyone she bought a diesel M3!But whatever it’s called, the M550d not M must be a hoot to drive!

      • Anonymous

        It is more along the lines of “IS” models, but seems to be carrying the M label.