BMW F30 M Sport Package: A Must Have

M options – the 2012 3 Series has more than ever. First there ‘s the M Sport package. It includes the lowered M Sport suspension, featuring a 10 millimetre (0.4 in.) drop in ride height, which works with firmer suspension and damping as well as harder anti- roll bars. Also featured are 18 or 19-inch M alloy wheels. The package is completed by an M aerodynamics package featuring special body parts, and by chrome tailpipes, exclusive exterior paintwork and interior trim to match.

The M aerodynamics package and M Sport suspension can also be specified separately. Also optionally available for the new BMW 3 Series is an Adaptive M Sport suspension with electronically controlled damping. Based on incoming information about body and wheel acceleration, lateral and longitudinal acceleration, vehicle speed and steering wheel position, an electronic control unit adapts the damper mapping to the road surface and driving situation. At the same time the driver can use the Driving Experience Control switch to vary the basic suspension characteristics between more comfortable or sportier settings.

But the classic M Sport package is just the start.

For performance-minded customers, BMW can alternatively offer the M Sport brake, which combines high performance standards with sporty styling. Aluminium four-piston fixed callipers at the front and two-piston fixed callipers at the rear, and large brake discs, combine extremely low weight with very short stopping distances.

An all-new aerodynamic package for the exterior clearly sets cars specified with this package apart from the base model and the three lines. Added to which, 18-inch light-alloy wheels (19-inch as an option) in hallmark M design, M Sport suspension and BMW Individual High-gloss Shadowline trim give the car that typical M look. The car’s dynamic character is further emphasised by an optional exclusive M paint shade and optional M Sport brakes with contrasting blue paint finish. The theme continues inside the car with sports seats boasting distinctive cloth/Alcantara upholstery, trim elements with blue accent strips, an M Shortshifter (in models with manual gearbox), M door sill finishers, an M driver’s footrest and the new M leather steering wheel.

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  • Adam

    I absolutly love this car, the color is spot on!

    Anyone notice the steering wheel? remind you of anything? anything from the 80’s perhaps? like maybe all oldschool M cars.

  • goat

    That steering wheel! Beautiful! Those slender spokes and small airbag cover are a lovely retro sporting touch in an otherwise very contemporary cabin… well done BMW interior guys.  🙂

    Also nice to see the cruise control stalk abandoned and a return to buttons on the steering wheel spoke – leave the weird cruise stalk design to Mercedes-Benz. 

  • Chris Woolman

    A lot of those specs remind me of my ZHP. Very nice!

  • Chris Brake

    the U.S. will no doubt get an M sport package “lite” for the F30. Europe will get the assorted M specific optional extras.

    Give me a 328i 6 spd M pack w/ “19’s in Silver with all the basic equipment, add a sunroof and I’ll be a happy camper.

    • Tn

      A 328i with 19″ rims?  That’d be embarrassing.

      My first 3-series was an E90 328i.  That thing was S-L-O-W.

      • Chris Brake

        FYI the F30 328 will hit 60 in 5.7. Not what I’d call “slow” or “embarrassing”.

  • Tn

    From everything I’d read, the M-Sport package DELETES leather seats?  What the heck?

    • Adam

      Just in Europe.  Those cloth/Alcantara seats you see in the pics are euro market only.  When the F30 arrives next year with the M package you’ll most likely be able to get that identical car albiet minus the cloth/Alcantara, or atleast this is how its been in all the other M-sports.  I personally love cloth but in the US market some buyers might frown upon it, thinking is beneth BMW prestige (or some scewed American opinion of the sort).

      • This is very likely correct. These are the same standard seat materials on all M Sports outside the US

      • Guest 8

        Sad but probably true.  I much prefer cloth and alcantara like I have on my ZHP (which still looks like new after 7 years).  I’ll cross my fingers the M3 will offer this option.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll have to dissent and say that the front aero body kit in this M-Sport package is very unfortunate. The shape of the lower grill opening has the same DNA as many proceeding M cars, most recently the  1M, and its handsome but framing it with that contour that drops down from the headlights just looks fussy and wrong. I can only hope the forthcoming m-car has a cleaner treatment.

    • Bsksarawak

      i own a m sport 98′ cant wait to trade in foe m sport f30…its a beauty!!