BimmerCast #56: M5, F30 3 Series, F20 1 Series & Full Recap of the Last Four Months of BMW


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After a very long break we ‘re back with our biggest and longest show ever. We start with the M5 and new 3 Series and Michael ‘s first-hand experiences with both cars. And as much as that could be a show in itself, we move on to tackle pretty much every other major BMW topic from the last three months. The show runs a little over an hour and weighs in at 45 mb but it ‘s one you won ‘t want to miss.

Here ‘s the full list (after the break).

  • M5: Engine diff and the truth behind the M5 ‘s sound enhancement
  • F30: We talk design and equippment
  • Active E: Quick review
  • 650i/640i Coupe + Convertible (Yes we finally found a 6er to love)
  • Z4 2.8i + 528i: A four cylinder to be proud of
  • F20 120d / 118d: Michael gives us his take on the new 1er
  • 3 series vs 4 series? We give you some insight from some of our sources.
  • 1M Slammed by Motor Trend? Our take.
  • M3 Frozen with all M Performance options driven through the Alps (yes we actually did it).
  • The new V6 M3? We give you the inside details
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  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed the 1-2 series info. Clearly the 1 series is the new 3 series. I’m curious – will they make a 4dr sedan? Or only a 2dr coupe and convertible? Its a shame they won’t bring the hatch here. Its gotten big enough – hint, size of the prior 3 series – that they could find customers for all including a 4dr sedan in this size class.

    • Anonymous

      No sedan for the 1 Series, here is why:

      In Europe many employers lease cars for employees as part of a “fleet”. BMW moves a lot of lower-mid 3 Series models this way (they get a full selection of powerplants rather than just two). Obviously a base 3 is more than a base 1 so BMW will not do that to their bottom line. Audi and MB are setup similarly for the same reason. Is there a point in time where MINI introduces something “like” a sedan to fill that market- probably not too far off…..

      • Anonymous

        Well they have certainly never shied away from producing a model that they did not offer in the US market. If they can sell 1 series sedans here, they should do it, and just not offer it in their own market. 

        Or they should beat Audi and Merc to the punch by offering a less costly model to those fleet customers.

  • Nick Dawson

    Prior to the launch of the first generation 1-series, spy pictures of a lightly disguised 1-series Sedan were circulating, which I have to say looked particularly handsome. Perhaps BMW thought that a good looking sedan might harm sales of the not particularly pretty hatchback! BMW sources insist that there will be no sedan second time around, but that a sedan is under consideration for the third gen due in 2018.

    By that time, all variations of the 1-series will be either front-drive or four-wheel drive, sharing their respective platforms with MINI 3 variations, except for the 1-series Sedan which, if approved, will use the 2-series rear-drive platform. However, as with the 4-series Sedan, which shares its platform with the 3 GT and 4 Grancoupe, the 1-series Sedan might be a China-only model, unless the US importer demands otherwise.

  • Chris Woolman

    Glad the show is back. I always enjoy your insight. Thanks!