New M5 Video Featuring Gratuitous Opposite Lock

Leave it to the Brits to give us the most insanely hoonish official M5 video yet. Check it out after the break.

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  • Adam

    Between the light filter and the paint job, I’d say this is some of the best filmography of the new M5 yet.

    • mike

      Light filters do not = good “filmography” (cinematography). At first I loved the “Top Gear” style, but the novelty has worn off and now its just distracting and gimmicky. The car/driver is good on its own – Just shoot the footage and let the M5 speak for itself. When I watched that video its screamed less: “check out this car” and more: “check out how creative I am”. 

      • supersix

        I think the Video is very creative but also doesn’t take anything away from seeing the car put through its paces. The colour feel/music/sound is spot on and the dark moody vibe suits this car. I think this is much more than a ‘Topgear’ style edit. After seeing previous YouTube films i was left numb but after seeing this, i love it. The edit dosnt compromise the M5 it enhances it in a way you just want to jump in and drive.

  • Koconnor

    def Anglesea for the hooning and drifting and some remote north wales rd for the dreamy shots ….nice