BMWNA Announces F30 3 Series Pricing


BMW just announced pricing at the LA Auto Show for the highly anticipated F30 3 Series. We ‘re still getting details but for now, here are the important numbers:

  • F30 328i / $35,775
  • F30 335i / $43,275

That ‘s $1,175 more for the 2012 328i versus the six cylinder E90 version while the F30 335i is $1,225 more than the out going E90 version. BMW says the price difference can be attributed to a number of options that are now standard (biggest of which is the 8-speed auto) and a number of expensive new features such as break regeneration and auto stop-start.

We ‘ll have more shortly. In the mean-time check out the BMWNA ordering guide we wrote about last week.

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  • Adam

    Cool, now lets see what the price increase of the new M3 will be, at this point we couldnt event venture a guess, I know for sure it wont be cheaper than today’s $56,000.

  • Jeanrabelais

    I love these cars. I’m glad they are coming with more standard features because often the low MSRPs are an illusion because adding a few necessary features usually sends the car’s price up 20%.