Testing his Limits.

BMW ‘s ‘Ring development time is subject to one un-movable force – winter. And with winter fast approaching northern Europe and the long testing season winding down, clearly the pilot of this particular 6er prototype decided to have some fun. So when should we expect to see more of the four door 6er?

With four doors and a sleek coupe like shape, the Gran Coupe is likely to be the pinnacle of the BMW brand in many ways. The car should appear at Geneva in final production form with customer sales starting next summer. We expect the car to debut with the expected N55 inline six and the 4.4L twin turbo V8. However rumors point to the car also being one of the first BMW ‘s with the new try-turbo V8 (likely not destined for the US).

A year later we expect the M version to his dealers with an even more powerful version of the M5 ‘s 4.4L twin turbo V8.

Image courtesy of Dennis Vdmeijs