Clarkson Names 1M the Most Fun Car of 2011

We know Clarkson loved the 1M from Top Gear. However in his recent DVD, “Powered Up “, he takes things a big further calling it the most fun new car released in 2011. Why? According to Clarkson it ‘s all about the simplicity and attitude.

Obviously we at BF would agree having called it one of the best M cars ever. But hearing it from the typically BMW critical Clarkson is worthy praise. Perhaps the big surprise though is that Clarkson appears to think the 535i Touring is actuality the best car of 2011.

You can get the full DVD at Amazon

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  • Sackboy

    Jeremy absolutely NAILED that one!  sackboy

  • Adam

    Sadly if you go to Amazon to buy the DVD its a Region 2 disk, which means it wont be playable in US DVD players.  Otherwise I’d order it now.

    • Anonymous

      You can buy a region free DVD player for under $50 shipped from Amazon- or Blu Ray for under $100, highly recommended- for times like these (or BMW Motorsport productions!) -M

      • Adam

        I’ll be doing some ordering then, thanks for the heads up Michael!

  • JonPD

    Hmmm well while the 1M is a great car its not the “best” of the year its the “funniest”. I put it at the very top of anything produced by BMW in a long while (the only other thing that competes for me is the E86 ///M for the same reason, its a hoot to drive. While they are not the fastest or best around corners but they provide tons of character driving. Lets be honest though I would take a 458 everyday over one and twice on Sunday.

  • I was actually kinda shocked at how nice that 535 M wagon was. Honestly the nicest wagon I’ve ever seen. oh and the 1M is just incredible of course as well.

  • Russell Chapman

    To be accurate, he didn’t call it the best car released in 2011 – he said it was the most fun car released in 2011. He was unreserved in saying the best car released in 2011 was the 535d MSport. He described it one of the few cars which he could not fault… (and lots of DVD players can play region 2 disks, either natively or with a code readily found on the internet)

    • Sackboy

      You are SPOT-ON Russ !   sackboy