BMW to Start Exporting Chinese Built Cars

China Daily is reporting that BMW plans on exporting some of its Chinese built cars as a trial in the coming year. The plan is to export products (likely complete knock down kits – or CKD to get around import tariffs) to other developing economies in the Asia or the Mid-east. Currently BMW builds the 3 and 5 Series in China with the X1 to start next year.

One thing they won ‘t be doing yet is exporting these cars to traditional markets. Not yet at least.

First there ‘s the issue of simply meeting demand in China. With sales likely to surpass 200,000, China is quickly becoming one of the premier markets globally for BMW. The second issue with politics and public opinion. Traditional luxury buyers will likely balk at a premium product (especially one known for it ‘s engineering and performance) coming from a developing country such as China.

Source: China Daily

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  • Andrew Popoola

    Unhappy about this news!  I think my love for BMW is about to become history.  I’ve lied in Germany, and I get the reason why ‘real’ German cars are a delight.  Reliability is already an issue with certain BMW models…I think this move will further mar the BMW name.  

    I see the writing on the wall…learn Chinese now if you want to have a future!

    • Adam

      Well if the Chinese wanna build them for themselves (and neighbor markets) let them, so far as I am concerned if they have quality issues there its their problem.  And dont think BMW wont pay attention should somthing like that happen.  I am more of the opinion that since in China their are no copyright laws, BMW would need to worry about its technology and designs being ripped off, more so than quality.  And lets not forget that from about 1973-Present, America has built some utter crap itself, I know this because my first car was a 1995 Mercury Tracer with the optional 1.9L engine which had 87HP, 50HP less than the standard 1.8L, and the worst plastic interior I’ve ever been in.

      • Andrew Popoola

        You are absolutely right, that is why when I drove my first bimmer, a 1988 528 with a 5 speed manual, it was instant love.  As old as the car was, that engine sang to me in ways i did not think was possible, and the bimmer spirit entered my system.  

        My fear now is dilution, lack of purity, lack of German-ess.  Even Porsche announced many months ago that it was opening a factory in China…eventually, the lust for profits will overtake the brands that we love so much.  That is what happened to the American automaker, and now they are spending the profits to win hearts and souls back.  

        Maybe true enthusiasts will have to shift to SAAB and Volvo for purity sake…wait the Chinese have their hands in that too.  

        It’s official then, we are doomed! 🙁  

        Okay, maybe I am being dramatic…but in the same way the crappy American cars gave birth to the Hot rod scene (folks loved the older and better “rolling art hp kings” than the 80’s and 90’s junk) maybe this means that collecting M cars and special bimmers (ZHP packages and M sport models) is the way to go…      

        • Adam

          No sarchasm mean here, you want purity buy an exotic car, anything in big numbers will have global production.  But dont fret too much, Mercedes is planning on entering China as well, Audi has a plant there too.  The only fact that may comfort you is that BMW doesnt have a true facility in China, they sell the vehicles as a kit to be assembled in local market, cutting costs in a big way over shipping complete cars.  This is why I was more worried about the Chinese infringing on the design patents of BMW.  But believe me BMW wont sit there and take it if they sense any funny buisness.  BMW sued a Chinese manufacturer years ago for producing an SUV that looked vaugly similar to the first gen X5, again believe me BMW are very defensive of themselves and their technology.

  • ManMachine

    BMW is already building cars in South Africa, so it shouldn’t surprise anybody if BMW builds cars in China, Brazil, and other countries.  There are tons of customers in China for BMW.  Nobody wants to miss the opportunities to sell products there.  

    Also, different countries have different rules about the cars in their country – especially when the cars get older, so the second hand market varies quite a bit and reliability (based on mileage) may not be as much of an issue.  

  • Ross

    BMW made in China………keep them in Asia.  Personally its Munich or nuthn’.