M Releases Teaser Video for X6 M550d

It ‘s been rumored for months and now it ‘s being officially teased ahead of its world debut. The M550d power plant will be M ‘s first foray into diesel engines and one of the very view times M has powered a non-M product.

Full video and details after the break

Last summer we first told you M potentially getting more involved in diesel power plants. Now have official proof that it ‘s coming with it ‘s tri-turbo inline six producing 381 hp and 516 lb-ft.

According to our sources the engine will also show up in the refreshed X6 (seen above) and the 6 Series Gran Coupe. But the real interesting story to us is that M has actually been involved with the development of this power plant from the beginning. BMW M has always been known as the master of petrol performance and has rarely ever (if ever) dabbled in diesel. Alpina, has produced and continues to produce some legendary diesel engines and of course Audi and Peugeot have had storied race careers with oil burners. M getting into the diesel business is big news, whether it ever leads to a pure M diesel or not.

Whether or not this engine will be federalized for US sales is still a mystery.

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  • JonPD

    Well if anybody can do something good with a performance diesel ///M should stand a chance. Still two issues with it. First yet another SUV ///M, seems that ///M is close to turning out more crossover vehicles these days than cars, especially with the reports of the other X cars likely to get the ///M designation. The video seems to be trying hard to show vehicle speed however its obvious that the film is sped up to illustrate speed for this product. Not the best teaser I have seen by any measure.

    With ///M not standing for motorsports any longer I wonder what the new direction is. I feel that ///M is being extremely diluted these days lacking a clear definition of what it stands for. I have no issues with them tuning the X drives but feel that they should have separated them somehow to keep ///M defined for what it stands for.

    • Adam

      Here we go with the “M has lost its way” and “MomSport” comments.  Can I just point out, they did an SUV before… the X5 4.8is ring a bell? plus lets look at it this way, BMW’s biggest new markets want this sort of product, Russia, India, China etc.  So either they ignore the potential profit or go for it and use that money for the core stuff i.e. M3, M5.  You could go to AMG accept they do every model under the sun including the new A, B, Classe.  Audi maybe? oh wait a moment they announced that S/RS versions of serveral of its SUV’s are on the way as well.  Stop whining! Even Maserati have an SUV now (based on a Jeep no less) Bentley has one planned (based on the Cayanne/Touareg).  PNP man, Purism is Not Profitable.

      • Andrew Popoola

        Interesting retort Adam, but I think what Jon is saying is this: ///M used to mean serious sports sedans, coupes and convertibles.  The 1M is a great car, but it is not pure.  And with the intro if this ///M diesel, it is yet another product that is not purely ///M.  That said…

        I agree with you.  Porsche almost remained a ‘small’ car maker until the Cayenne, which most cried heresy.  But because of it, we have some fantastic 911s, Boxter variants and the Panamera.

        I think the issue is a wee bit liberal application of the ///M badge and lack of consistency.  Yes, they’ve built veritable ‘M’ cars int he past, but those cars lacked an ///M badge (850 CSi, X5 4.6/4.8is, Z8) yet there are cars like the E34 ///M540 Canadian spec, with the US version NOT sporting the ///M badge for virtually the same car sans special color and interior offerings.  

        The 1m should have been called an ///M135is; not BMW fanatic or M enthusisat would have any issues with that.  In the same manner, the 850CSi should have been called the ///M850CSi, just like the ///M635CSi.  Same for the hot rod E53 X5s.  That way, purity would not be an issue because there is a separation.

        I have NO issues with this diesel addition, if anything it creates more collectible cars for a decade to come.  And I must say I think the badge nomenclature is right.  Calling it the next chapter in ///M though, is not a well thought out idea.

        And why isn’t there an ///M7 yet?  The S8 and S55/S65 and Panamera Turbo is proof that there is a market for an ///M7.  Just look at Alpina B7 sales!  

        I propose: ///M750is (same engine as F10 M5) = S8 and S55 fighter                ///M7 (tweaked 760, 650hp) = S65 and potential RS8 fighter, if AUDI ever builds one.      

        • Adam

          I see your view on this one, (and my rant was actually the result of a long day at the office).  It just seems way too many people think M should be a boutique brand like Pagani, or somthing of that nature.  Honestly a badge is adhesive and plastic/metal, the engineering under it speaks a louder language, and the only people who seem to forever complain about purity and badging are either on their first M car or are really just looking for the image the car represents.  Here is a great example a friend of mine had a ’73 2002, an ’03 M3 and not only the worships the classics but loves everything that comes out.  Another buddy of mine has an E39 540i and an E30 325i race car, he also grins and jumps when a new product comes out, niether of the complain as much as some of the people on the web and yet they are old school enthusiasts, both 30 years old, dreaming about E30 M3’s when they were my age.  I am an enthusiast/purist but in the sense that If I buy an M car it’ll be one of the origional M models, M3 or M5, but my heart isnt troubled by the idea that there are others out there, would it be nice to see those cars not wearing an M badge? I suppose but in the end the engineering speaks louder than the name and if they have M badges on them, chances are they deserve them.

          • JonPD

            Adam I am not saying that ///M should not develop the SAV’s rather that maybe ///M should come up with another term for the non motorsports derived products. /MSprot or something.. To me ///M was built on its racing heritage, these days not so much. While I ador seeing the M3 in races I think this has nothing to do with a luxury SAV . I have never once said that a X /M is not a decent car. for their massive size and weight they perform very well, but I still think they muddy the water for what ///M stands for to me.

          • Andrew Popoola

            I def agree with you about the engineering aspects.  But I have found that M enthusiast are not the same as bimmer enthusiast, generally speaking, and this dividing line is where the issue of purity comes in.  The issue is whether a car deserves to be called an M or not.  

            In my book, if the car in question is not significantly different than its non-M siblings, it should not wear the pure M badge…such is the case with the 1M.  It looks the part, but the engine, though M tweaked, is not M sourced.  If BMW had dropped a de-tuned version of the V8 in the E9X M3 in it, you would not hear any complaint.  At least BMW was honest enough not to denote the N54 in that car ‘S54’.

            You say a badge is adhesive and plastic/metal; if that’s the case, why do you chuckle when you see a 318i or 528i dressed up to be an M? 🙂

            Anyhoo…there is no doubt that ///M is becoming muddied/watered down.  BMW will lose some enthusiast over that simple fact for sure, but in the end, the company has to be profitable, period dot. 

          • Belloadamo35

            I suppose here is another way to look at it:

            One of the most prestigious badges in the entire world on one of the most wallowy, dreary cars in the world.  Does this badge fool anyone? does one not know a Ferrari from a Volvo? A true enthusiast notices a diff, or the aero package, or even the brake calipers of a performance car.  I see an E60 550i cloned into an M5 near my home on a daily basis, upon closer inspection underneath though, I know it isnt an M5 and that was my whole point, its a badge the car its on makes the difference.

    • Sackboy

      You are all WET, Dude!  Have you by chance noticed just what Brand “P” has been doing, lately??    Me thinks ONLY thing that will make you “happy” is a “new”  1964 Ferrari GTO !   I LOVE my new 1M !!  You just doNOT know what you are amissin` !    sackboy

      • JonPD

        Never have had a issue with the 1M, though I still wished they did something for the motor. It is still at the top of my list of the best ///M car in a great long while just because in many ways it returned to what made ///M.  To me though teh X series of /M have NOTHING to do with the 1M, M3, M5. I respect what ///M was able to do with them but I think they should have never taken on the ///M badge. Michael thanks for the insight for  the placement of the /M, never noticed that. Still have to think its not completly true as the E86M to me is a treu /M car (IE its been raced).

  • Roland Renno

    In my opinion, M GmbH has taken a wrong route.

  • Anonymous

    The thing that strikes me is that people tend to forget that the world outside North America is diesel heavy. ///M has been missing this market, and it makes sense to offer this on many levels and an SAV makes sense.

    This is not being badged as a full on ///M. Look at the ///M badging on current products and past- there is a reason the M is put where it is. When the ///M symbol comes before a model designator it is a full blown M product (M3,M5,M5) when the Model designator comes before the M it is an M tweaked product but not “bespoke” X6 M, Z4 M, and 1M. When the M comes before the full model name it is to show M developed the motor- M535i.

    Also- if you want to sell more diesels stateside what a better way than getting M behind them, many people buy M for the prestige.


    • Dylan Bland

      The fact such a detailed explanation is required as to the reasoning for the placement of the letter “M” should be worrying to anyone who cares about brand and what M actually stands for. 

      I’ve long been annoyed that so many people confuse an M3 with a regular 3 series with “M” bits. Obviously it doesn’t matter to the enthusiast (we know what we’re buying) but it bothers me none-the-less. 

      I don’t usually agree with Jon but I think he has a point as to the direction of M. These certainly aren’t Motorsport cars.

  • Dr Obnxs

    I’m of a couple of thoughts. First off, I see that BMW still has the most confused naming of any car company out there. Second, I’m stoked that they are working diesel mills. I personally don’t care what it runs on, as long as it’s a blast to drive. Third, BMW would be STUPID to not leverage the marketing value of M in any way that brings in more sales. Watered down purity? Only a very few care at all about that, and will buy a car because they want the car no matter what marketing is about, and tons of people who don’t know bubkis about what’s under the hood will buy the M flavor because they think others will respect them more for the purchase (even if they aren’t aware of that at all). So the complaints about M losing it’s way to me are off base. Let me put it this way, none of the other cars that “shouldn’t” wear an M badge change what the new M5 is or what the next (or last) M3 is. A fool and his money are soon parted, and a prudent company does that as efficiently as possible. Way to go! I hope I get to drive one, even though I’d never, ever, ever by one of the X6s, in any way shape or form.