EVO Drag-race: M5 vs Panamera S, E63 AMG v Jaguar XFR

What happens with EVO gets their hands on a F10 M5, Porsche Panamera S, Mercedes E63 AMG and a Jaguar XRF? First a full on comparison test – coming in the next edition of EVO. Then the inevitable; a 0-1000 meter drag-race.

While we are always expounding the virtues of how each M car does in the corners, there ‘s something primal and just plain awesome in seeing one go down the quarter mile. And here we have the ultimate test of group drag-race of fast Q-cars. See how it goes down after the break.

So why no Panamera Turbo? Price. The S is the one that directly competes against the M5 in price and market position.

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  • Sackboy

    LOVE it !  sackboy

  • Natetxr

    That is awesome!  I wonder how the CTS-V and Panamera Turbo (regular or S or even GTS) would’ve done…

  • Adam

    And it laps Hockenhiem and Nurburgring faster than all its rivals, the only other BMW thats faster than it is the E46 CSL.  The only other car in its class that may be faster would be the Panamera Turbo S which costs twice as much as the M5, ladies and gentlemen this is your new king!

    • Anonymous

      Some people out there called foul when EVO didnt test the turbo s vs the M5, but like you said that’s almost two times the cost AND the M5 is still quicker around the track. I was lucky enough to drive the M5 and when I said it was the best car I’ve ever driven I meant it. And no the GTR is not a car, it is a video game and while it is fast it is not fun.

  • Jason Parry

    So are these comparably priced then around 90k? Cuz yeah the Turbo Panamera would have walloped these….

  • Only thing that could make me happier is if there was an Audi in that video that would get slapped around (maybe just explode mid-run (though have the driver be safe)).

  • M8o

    The race was won or lost off the line between the BMW & MB.  I bet if the MB spun less and BMW more, the result could have been the opposite.

  • Andrew Popoola

    The M5 certainly got a jump on the rest of them, just pause the video at 0:50.   The question is: Bad drivers? M5 has better launch control?

    If you watch most Audi VS BMW videos, the Audi gets a jump on the bimmers off the line because of all wheel drive.  The GT-R gets to 60mph insanely fast for the same reason.

    So…if it is the case that the M5 can harness all its power early on with very little drama, then yes, AL HAIL THE NEW KING!

    All the talks about a Pana Turb S is horse shit: it’s simply NOT a competitor.  You could almost buy all 5 generations of the M5 with the cost of a fully loaded one!!!

    Anyhoo….BMW needs, ASAP, M750i/iL with the M5’s engine to take on the S63 and a M7 with the V12 in the 760 boosted to 650+ hp to battle the S65.