Opinion: 6 Gran Coupe

 This may come as a huge surprise, but like Gabe, I actually am a fan of the new 6 Gran Coupe. Since we first heard that BMW was going to build this car I ‘ve been a skeptic- with good reason as it is entering a market full of coupes that are sedans. There is a Benz, a VW, and an Audi to go along with an Astin and I ‘m sure I ‘m missing one or two that are being touted as four door coupes (Panamera?). I don ‘t understand the fascination with this concept but it seems to sell in acceptable numbers.

That is a crowded segment when you think about how few are in the market for a car with less function than even a sedan, but crave style enough to trump practicality. These babies are pricey too (excluding the Passat based CC). Look for the Gran Puba to come in over $70k if what we hear turns out to be fact rather than speculation.Just like the X6, how many are going to shell out the cash for what amounts to four seats (X6 now claims to seat 5, well so does the 6GC at least on paper), BMW is betting boatloads of empty nesters, silver hairs and those with cash to burn. They are probably right but I wanted to get that out there.

The only gripe I have with the car from a looks perspective without seeing it undisguised in the flesh is that there still seems to be a bit more wheel gap than there should be considering it ‘s sporty demeanor. It is a coupe and coupes are sporty, right?

But that aside, why do I like it? It looks great compared to what the others offer and it has more amenities and power than it ‘s siblings. Another plus, it will more than likely get decent EPA numbers thanks to the N55 and 8 speed auto in the 640i. Did I mention it is low slung, had four doors and a newly tuned up twin turbo V8? It does, and a dead sexy Individual option laden interior.

The lack of practicality I wrote about before- pretend I didn ‘t as this thing oozes practicality when compared to a comparably equipped Porsche 911, heck it has four doors and the rear seats fit full sized humans in comfort and style. How does one sit in the middle- that ‘s a provocative situation isn ‘t it?

The other huge plus, xDrive is coming in the 650 at a later date- what that means is people in the North East US will get to see more BMWs driving in the snow on summer performance tires, always entertaining but extremely dangerous and not recommended. It ‘s a coupe so it needs performance tires, but people need xDrive in case the weather is bad or did I miss something?

All kidding aside, BMW nailed the design and concept of this thing. M is said to be making tweaks for its own version set to be the top of the totem pole of current BMWs, taking that position away from the M5/M6 duo.

In closing, the previous generation 6er was my arch nemesis, it was the BMW that didn ‘t drive or act like a BMW. I never had a good thing to say about it (and still can ‘t find one other than it exited early), with the current crop of sixes that has taken a complete 180. I am sure once I get behind the wheel of the 6GC it will cement my admiration.

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  • Evan

    The proportions are elegant and athletic. However, I still don’t like the front of the new 6er. The grille is set too low and the headlights have too much height. Overall, the 5er has a better and sportier front end. Plus it’s actually the same car underneath…

    I’ll reserve final judgement until I see it in person. And I do get why BMW built it.

    But if they build this and bring it here, I’ll say it again, why don’t they bring over other niche vehicles like the F11?

    • 03BeastCharmer

      My understanding is the 6 is based more on the 7 series chassis, not the 5, so they are not the same car underneath.

      I’ll hold off judgement on the car until I see it int he flesh.

      • Evan

        The current 5er, 6er and 7er all share similar underpinnings. So they are the same car underneath.

        The new RWD 1er and the new 3er and X3 all share the same underpinnings as well.

  • Anonymous

    Really? Are you serious? You are going to play the “wheel gap” card? Does this editorial position come with a baseball cap that only fit backwards? Do your boxers have to show out of the top of your pants to begin ranking “wheel gap” as a legitimate concern? Will BF begin reviewing third party splitters for the 6GC? How about a fat exhaust tip?

    • Anonymous

      LOL! That was my point, can’t complain about much. I was trying to be satirical, not my best. Oh well! But this car will be seen with chrome 22s quite often! -M

      • Anonymous

        put spinners on those 22s and its a deal

    • Danielsanchez

      Don’t even see the point of this review, they just said their opinion about the car in other articles. Useless content. 

    • Ulrich Diederich

      Wheel gap is not only noticed by the demographic you seem to hint at. I am 52, wear my underwear where it should be, and can tell the difference between a sport package equipped BMW (lower ride height) and one without a mile away. One is “just right”, the other a bit off. To me it makes a difference.

  • 3PedalMINI

    It is a gorgeous car. However, that is completely 100% the definition of a chicks car IMO. That is the furthest thing from a masculine car i have ever seen. the A7 has it by a long shot in styling/sport department.