2013 BMW M5: 0-90 Seconds

You want the facts. You ‘ve got ’em in 90 seconds from our friend, M Brand Manager Matt Russell.

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  • Sackboy

    Oh  YEAH , Baby!   Vhat a machine!  sackboy

    • Michael

      Love it! Fastest car I’ve ever driven outside the GTR and a blown dragster… Obviously the M5 is the most composed and luxurious. Oh and it has feel!


      • Adam

        Michael, I have a question for you, does it sort of have the characteristic E39 throw you back in your seat acceleration? or does it have the “as the revs climb” acceleraton of the E60 as far as feel goes?

        • Anonymous

          The F10M is more like the E39 M5 thanks to the torque. The new M5 has better suspension geometry and a better steering system. E39 had recirculating ball steering which while durable is not the best for feel in my opinion, hence why it is often used in trucks. The F10 is also more balanced. I was blown away by the car and by now I am sure you get that I am always a sceptic and it is hard to impress me. The best part of F10M is the rear, it is so compliant and yet so precise. The new diff also rocks. Technology and new techniques have really made the new M5 light years from the past. To me the E39 is the best looking M and that is about it- the E90 M3 is the true successor to that car and is far superior from a performance perspective. The E60 M5 was created by marketing, that motor while fantastic was anemic down low and after it was developed F1 dropped the V10 so they lost that marketing angle. F10 M was created by engineers that created something different and rethought things like Valvtronic. Mind you F10 M5 has two dual scroll turbos, direct injection, Valvetronic, a CCM manifold in a reverse flow V8 that revs higher than the naturally aspirated 8 throttle butterfly V8 S62 in the E39 M5 and if course has higher outputs and fuel economy. If price was no object for me to buy or if BMW knocked on my door and said what is your favorite car- you can drive it for a bit I’d choose the F10 M5 100% of the time, and lord knows how fond I am if the E90 M3 (or the imaginary E91 version). It is really two cars in one. I’d go DCT though, it is now sorted out and stick dies nothing for me in a car that is so big, oh and I have unlimited autobahn 10 minutes away! I digress as I have never been such a fan of something as heavy. I will say that the next M3. F80 is going to be the best sedan on the planet, even surpassing the M5- I have thus feeling Biermann and the crew in Garching are going to unleash something magical. Watch what they do with the M6….. -M

      • Sackboy

        Had chance to actually DRIVE the new M5 w/6speed over Christmas Holidays, and words escape me to ably describe this machine!  Say what? It is just “Engineering”, my friends!  And WOW have the guys at M done a job!  PLUS- it got almost 23mpg on a highway-cruise-control 80mph segment!  Impressive !   sackboy

        • Adam

          So the manual didnt seem out of place for a car of this size?