BMW Apps: Your Wish-list

With BMW ‘s recent introduction of Yelp into the “BMW Online ” suite of services, a lot of readers have begun to ask questions about BMW Online versus BMW Apps. Unlike BMW Apps, “Online ” is an annual subscription service that costs $100 a year and delivers weather, fuel prices and now Yelp to your car (among other things). The other side of the coin is BMW Apps, a $250 option that allows for iOS based BMW apps to be displayed on your cars Nav screen and controlled by iDrive.

For our money BMW apps is the way to go as it de-couples the app from automotive development and promises future upgrades with new functionality. And it ‘s that new functionality we want to talk about today.

Currently BMW Connected currently has:

  • Web radio
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Calendar
  • Pandora
  • MOG Radio
  • Last Mile Navigation & Vehicle Finder

But we want to know what kind of apps you ‘d like to see in future updates? Immediately we can ‘t help but wonder where the weather or Nav to google maps functionality. Then there ‘s functionality outside of the car such as remote start or remote lock and unlock (something that the MyBMW Remote app offers outside the US).

Enough of our ideas. What would you like to see in BMW Apps?

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  • Dan


    • Anonymous

      Not happening- we’ve already been over that. 2013ish.

  • Michael

    My wish- telematics of some sort. Racetrack guidance based on GPS- iPhone could tell you the best line, or even vehicle g’s, oil pressure, water temp etc.

    I understand I just described my dream ///M apps but my mainstream app would be WEATHER overlay for NAV! Or even toll/fuel costs for planned route.

  • 03BeastCharmer

    Well MiniConnect already has a g-meter function, so that shouldn’t be too far behind for BMW.  I’d like a track data logger, remote lock, automatic update of Google maps, so roads and directions are accurate. Systems and diagnostic checks from the phone.

  • pete

    I can see the “convenience plan” offered at $199 including BMW Online, but can you get just the Online access for $100? That would be at least only half as stupid for us Apps owners.

  • Anonymous

    I want to be able to use my BMW Apps over Bluetooth and not have to use the craddle or iPod USB cable.

  • R.

    BMW Apps retrofit. I understand technically it can be done, but I am not sure if it is possible. After all, it is just a matter of software upgrade…

    • _apw_

      Its very possible. Just search on google. Many folks have already done it (including me).

      • R.

        Yeah, but my car is post March/2011 (actually it is 08/2011) production and retrofit by “Patrys” does not work…

        • _apw_

          BMW now offer a official retrofit for this. Contact your dealer.

  • Andre

    Navigation and Google maps. Android support is a must!

  • _apw_

    RSS News Feeds (with pics). Stocks Spotify Rhapsody Google Local Search Local Fuel Price Search (like convenience plan, but make this available for apps too)


    Angry birds. (Just kidding).

  • PWW


  • nrako

    My answer : Spotify!

    And of course I want Android support!

    But that must go further an faster! I hope BMW is still working hard behind the scene for GENIVI 

    What I’m really looking for (and every developer) is an SDK with API to cars metrics (OBD, GPS, tire pressure, G-force, fuel level, airbag (collision), radio traffic reporting …) and some sort of Apps Market.

    Then new dedicated app-car will rise very rapidly like …

     – Sot of Google latitude for your car with instant notification when you encounter a friend. Or plan and manage a convoy trip with friends.

     – Notification of ahead traffic problem without GPS activated only based on your day-to-day routine analysis or your calendar and appointment.

     – Kilometer and fuel consumption tracking for professional expenses (salesman…)

     – Car-sharing and more!

    GENIVI is a subject that I would like to be be investigated by

  • RKCA1

    Android. please make it available for android os phones.

  • Pat Yo

    Thanks for all the feedback.  We’re listening.