What\’s the Fastest M Car? Autobild Finds Out

German publication Autobild took the entire current M range (including the ultra rare M3 CRT) to the Sachsenring. The winner? Perhaps unsurprisingly it was the über M3, the new CRT. But what of the standard production models? The F10 M5 bested the lot with a time of 1:38.90. Not bad for a heavy-weight. But it was the race for second that caught out attention.

As you can see below the 1M bested the DCT and Competition Package equipped M3 by .34 of a second.

  • BMW M3 CRT / 1:38.87
  • BMW F10 M5 / 1:38.90
  • BMW 1M Coupe / 1:40.18
  • BMW M3 Coupe DCT / 1:40.52
  • BMW M3 Sedan DCT / 1:40.60
  • BMW M3 Convertible DCT / 1:42.63
  • BMW X6 M /1:43.67
  • BMW X5 M / 1:43.72
  • BMW E60 M5 / 1:43.77

Source: Autobild / Via: F10post

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  • BBT

    No source of the numbers and data at autobild?

    Info probably came via http://f10.5post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=628078

    • It’s attributed at the bottom. Is that what you’re referring to?

      • BBT

        yea only saw the autobild link at the top which couldn’t see the test info

        • Anonymous

          I also have the print issue, since I live in Germany but I am not scanning anything in as we respect copyrights. Also, ran this as well sonthat could be the source just the same.

  • JonPD

    A part why I still think they did not do more with the motor when the released the 1M.

    • Sackboy

      HOW do you KNOW they did NOT do something with that engine?  You been to M and caught them at the water-cooler lately? Hhhuuummmm??   HarHarHar!  sackboy  ps: and YES- the M5 is a BEAST!

      • JonPD

        Hmm thats a easy one Sackboy, BMW said it was to motor lifted out of the Z4 35IS, something that BF also noted. I think BMW new that the 1M was likely to out perform the higher priced ///M products and designed it to be slower. The sad part is that they quickly turned right around to blow their cars up to ever larger dimensions despite the huge positive press that they gathered about this.

  • Adam

    So as is evidence by that test, the new M5 is as fast on the track as a “lightweight” M3… and quite a bit faster than its predicessor.  I am speachless again, this car keeps on impressing!

  • ///Mark

    No Z4 M?  Bummer.

  • Anonymous

    damn, that X6 and X5 are faster than any suv has a right to be